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Passenger pegs

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When you have a moment, could you please advise if your custom contour Gatlin pegs (and the like) are meant to replace the passenger pegs?


I just ordered your pin replacements yesterday because I am looking to change out the stock passenger pegs, but I'm not certain if all of your pegs are meant for rider with no floorboards or cruiser bike passenger pegs.


I have a 2015 Cross Country.


Thanks very much!!

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Thanks for the fast response!! I have the stock passenger pegs on my Cross Country. I only want to spruce them up a bit and match them to the brake/shifter pegs and grips. I have no intention of putting floorboards as I never have a passenger. The replacement pegs are just for looks.


I assume the spring loaded mechanism to have them stay up when not in use will remain there when I switch them out? As mentioned, they'll never be used, just for looks.


Thank you very much for your time!!



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Thanks again Jon! Got 'em installed and they look awesome! The bolts I ordered to replace the passenger peg pins were too long, so I had to cut the bolt to fit, but good to go now! And as you say in the video, the tiny little spring thingy holding the stock peg pin in is a PITA! I ended up just using my Dremmel ever so gently to snap that little sucker so the new bolts could go in.


One of these days I need to send a picture for your website!


Thanks again for the always outstanding customer service!



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