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3D Skullz wedge prototypes are here! Check these bad boys out!

Let It Ride

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I don't know about you guys, but I think these came out friggin' awesome! I'll hopefully have time to mount 'em, take pics, and post 'em before I leave for the Key West Poker Run Friday morning.  

CAD designed and precision CNC milled from a solid 1" thick piece of 6061-T6 billet!

Heavily reliefed back to keep weight to a minimum... It costs more, but they weigh less than 13 ounces!

Thinking of offering an LED lighted eyes option as well as carbon fiber inserts and painted or powder coated eyes/nose. 

Mount up is simply 3 permanently installed 1/4-20 SS studs, with SS washers and SS locknuts.

Prices, per pair, are as follows (also sold in singles.) :

Polished: $289

Black PC: $259

Triple Show Chrome: $359

Polished and Anodized any color (special order): $359

24K Gold plated (special order): $539

Wacha think?






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Thanks a ton guys, the feedback means a lot. After I mount 'em in polished billet (as shown above), I'm gonna drop them off tomorrow and powder coat them to get a second look out to you guys quickly. I'd hate to waste the work I did polishing them so now I'm tempted to do the in candy red or blue powder coat over the polished billet, even though my first inclination was black. Any thoughts to help me decide? Candy blue or candy red? Flat black? Satin black? Flat black?

And Scott, to answer your question...

Yessireebob! I have the CF already, just no time to do it while getting ready for the big poker run Friday morning. I'm considering many options for the cutouts including acrylic colors to match a particular paint job, bore holes for strategically placed LEDs, CF, and even powder coat. The acrylic and powder coat will be on show chromed or powder coated parts only. All finishes can get CF, LEDs, or any exotic inlay you may possibly want. Very open to custom work on them too if anyone has a particular idea.

Thanks again guys!


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OK, got the right side mounted up. Left side to come later, too busy now but had to at least squeeze mounting this one into my crazy schedule today. The depth really hides the brackets even better than I'd hoped, as you too will notice in the photos.   

Since the fit was flawless I will now be accepting pre-orders as we don't need to tweak anything to go full production. I should expect to have them here within a week or so and straight to coatings they'll go. A couple of days for powder coat, and two weeks from there for chrome. There will be 25 sets initially available, and after seeing these on I don't expect those to last too long!  Should be posted on our www.CycleOpsUSA.com site later today.








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The Skullz should be arriving in a few days and will go straight to the coaters.

The prototype set shown is at the coater now for gloss black. They may be ready as early as tomorrow afternoon and if so I'll have pics posted tomorrow evening.

A note: These were the prototypes and identical to the production units coming. This said, the prototypes shown show some machining marks in the eyes and nose area but this is because protos are done quickly and they were only done for fitment purposes and weren't intended to end up a finished product... but I couldn't help myself, nor could I wait to show them off onvce I got my paws on them! The production parts will have a second cleaning pass done in these areas and it will eliminate this effect. It's barely noticeable, but I did want to make it clear to anyone who may have had a keener eye than most. 

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