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3D solid billet Skullz Cheese Wedges coming now...

Let It Ride

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Here's the first of our 3D one piece billet wedge replacements. These 3D wedges are completely CNC machined to exacting tolerances to assure great detail as well as to retain a light weight.  Extra care in design combined with extra machining time allows us to hollow out the entire wedge from a solid block of 1" thick 6061-T6 billet, yet remove enough material to keep weight* down to a minimum, just like with our popular two piece engraved wedge sets.

The first test set is expected to be ready in a few days to check for fitment. If all is well as expected, these will be available ASAP.

They'll be available in singles; with the ignition hole or solid), and in pairs; either one solid and one key side wedge, or two solid wedges for those who have relocated their ignitions.

Finishes to include Black Powder Coat and Triple Show Chrome. Of course we'll also offer all our usual custom finish options from 24K Gold to Candy Apple Powder Coat.

*- Weight is a big factor on any wedge replacement, due especially to bracket for the right side wedge being welded directly to the oil lines. No one offers wedge replacements as lightweight as ours, or as safe fr your oil lines, be it our popular two piece wedges, or these new one piece Skullz 3D wedges.



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The other thread (http://forums.thevmc.com/bb/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=78244&posts=16&start=1) will be the ongoing one as these further develop, but figured why not toss 'em up here too for those following this thread.

Prices, per pair, are as follows (also sold in singles.) :

Polished: $289

Black PC: $259

Triple Show Chrome: $359

Polished and Anodized any color (special order): $359

24K Gold plated (special order): $539











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I may not understand but the new Skull left side wedge has a keyhole between it's eyes. I was thinking a dagger handled key would look like the skull got one between the eyes. IMO I think it would be the best looking key for the already outstanding product.



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