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Professional pix are up from Beartooth

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For those that rode the Beartooth yesterday, the proofs are up at colemangallery.biz.  Click on the "Proofs" link and then choose Victory Motorcycle Meet link.  We went past the photographer at 10:15-30 and ours were on page 3.  He says they are arranged by time earlier to later.


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There were a lot of bikes on the pass that day so Merv took pictures of every bike he could to be sure he didn't miss us. Keep looking until you find your self (selves). Our pics look to start on page two and I'm glad they got to practice on the HOGS a few weeks ago because these pics are waaaaay better than what they got!!!!!Thanks.

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I made a 3000-mile roundtrip to the Meet and had just one pic to prove it--the Coleman Gallery pic, And only one of them of me to choose from, but it is a good one. A spectacular background on Beartooth, that's for sure. My thanks to the photographer; I'm sure he got a workout up there that day.


I ordered one print and the full image on disk as well. After all those miles I wanted SOME proof!

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