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Things to know about Montana

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There is NO HELMET law here unless you are under 16 then you MUST wear one.

Speed limit on most secondary highways is 65 or 70 depending on the road. Speed limit on the interstate is 75. GENERALLY you are safe at 10 over with no hassles unless you get a crabby patrol man.

Beer and wine are available at convienience stores, grocery stores, etc. Harder liquor is available at stae liquor stores, other non-state owned liquor stores and bars.

You can only smoke inside in bars and casinos. Outside you can smoke pretty much any where you want unless posted no smoking.

Those yellow signs with the deer on them are there for a reason. We have lots of wildlife. Deer, elk, bear, big horn sheep, mountain goat on the large end, raccoon, beaver, rabbits, etc, etc, etc, on the small end. Keep your eyes open for your safety and everyone elses.

Most corners can be taken at 10 or maybe even 20 over until you get on the Beartooth Pass. The signs up there are generally pretty accurate and given some corners have a 1,000+ foot drop on one side, a pretty good idea. Add in the possibility of a fallen rock in the road and ......well, I think you get the picture.

Only one wife per man and one husband per woman. Sorry Burt. ;)

This year we only have two seasons....winter and construction. There are a couple of small construction projects occurring on the pass. There will be  a few short sections of gravel where the asphalt has been removed. Given this is not a high speed road to begin with it should not pose any problems. Just be aware and careful. Construction areas are marked and no delays are anticipated for the weekend.

If you have any other specific questions let me know and I will see if I can answer them. If not I'll just make something up and stick with it until you prove me wrong. 8)

ONE week from tomorrow!!! Whoo Hoo !!:yho


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I know some of you are riding and having your wives fly in to Billings. They have the entrance to the airport torn up as they are putting in a round about (stupidest idea I have heard the city come up with but whatever). The hotel has a shuttle so it would probably be a good idea to have the gals catch the shuttle down and meet them at the hotel. If you want to meet them just be prepared for bumps and dips and gravel and a huge mess. Just a heads up so don't say I didn't warn you. 8)

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Had we not got started on this last year and gotten everything into motion, I would probably just need a very soft room by Thursday. However, we did get started really early and everything is in motion and now it's all coming together nicely....at least I think so. Just on cruise control now. Can't wait until Thursday and folks start arriving!! 8)

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And the # 1 thing to know about Montana " Men are men & sheep are nervous " ;) . Hope everyone has a great time . I really wanted to attend but my boss doesn`t seem to want to give me the time off . Something about asking for 10 days off two days after returning from a seven month otj injury. Anybody have a good idea where the 2010 meet will be held ?

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