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Air Horn or aftermarket (louder) horn

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I was hoping you might consider making a video on how to install an air horn/replacement horn on the Cross Country?? As I'm sure you are aware, this awesome motorcycle has a really wimpy horn, and I'd like to swap it out with something people will actually hear. I was hoping there may be a direct-swap/plug and play aftermarket horn I can just plug in without having to do all the relay/wiring stuff. I can turn a wrench, but haven't gotten into the wiring.


Any suggestions on an aftermarket horn replacement and a possible how-to video?


Thank you very much for your time and consideration!!

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Partzco, lots of guys are using the open bolt hole on the left side behind the cover just in front of the passenger peg. There are some pics in the cross country forums. I think that's what I'm going to try.


Capt. cruiser did it and posted pics.


Good luck!



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Thanks Jon! We all know you are busy! I was myself installing the Radial cheese wedges/derby/cam covers I just received from you!


The thought is to have a louder horn, but not necessarily tear into the wiring on the bike. I was hoping you might know of an aftermarket horn that would mount in the stock spot on a Cross Country and use the stock wiring. I've seen a lot of guys use the Fiamm Freeway Blaster, but it's design requires cutting of the chin spoiler in the front and I don't want to do that.


Whatever you think, and when you have time.


Thanks again for the great business and customer service!



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Thank you for the info! I actually liked the way one guy added an air horn to the open bolt holes on the left side just in front of the side cover. The relay I understand, and his was mounted right where the stock horn is. Seems simple enough. But, I suppose my concern was running the wire from the relay, under the tank and seat, and down to the air horn....and doing it neatly and properly so it does hang out, fray, or burn on something. I understand I could ground the air horn to itself, or somewhere near the location its mounted, but the hot wire needs to come from the front where either the relay or battery is.


So in all honesty, on paper it looks fairly easy, but lifting the tank, feeding the wire, geez. That spooks me a little I guess.


Thanks very much for the info. I'm pretty sure I can do it if I'm deliberate and patient. Maybe the expert, the Witch Doctor, will have a better idea. The video that was posted on this forum shows the guy installing in his fairing and I don't want to remove that without an expert right there with me!


Ride safe!



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Thanks! I agree that finding a horn to fit the stock spot is next to impossible. The air horn really is pretty easy to do. The biggest part is the little air compressor thing. You can go to harbor freight and get one and play around with it to see how it fits where you like. Also all the parts stores sell them. Look up Bad Boy Air Horn.



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Yes sir, the bad boy, stebel, and another called a Denali (which is all black and would look cool) are the ones I was looking at. So running the hot lead is not too big of a chore?


I thought maybe I could run it through the existing wire "holder" or "tube" the already runs along the frame under the tank. I would guess the tank and seat would not have to come all the way off, just up a bit to access the wiring stuff underneath.


Still scares me a bit, but I suppose that's how I'll learn!


Thank you!!


PS-the Radial stuff looks awesome! Would love to get a pic in the "customer bike" section on your website!


Thanks and take care,




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Running the wires is not that big of a deal. Just follow the other wires along the frame and zip tie to them. You should run the power to the battery. I think all the companies offer a wire kit for their horns and it might come with a relay. The switch wire just the into the stock horn wire.


Send us the pics and when we get a chance we will put them up on the website.



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