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Our 20% off Valentine's Day sale is on!

Let It Ride

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Take advantage of our five-day 20% off VALENTINE'S DAY SALE! 

Use coupon code CUPID20 at check out to apply the discount.*

Get something for someone you love more than anyone else, or even for someone other than yourself! :-)
Billet trunk, backrest, and solo luggage racks
RPW Exhaust
Hand sculpted billet fender struts
Vision billet upper and lower wind deflectors
Billet primary inserts
Grips and pegs
Billet engine wedges
Billet shift linkages
Billet clutch arm covers
Billet engine cover sets
Barnett clutch cables (in stock inventory only)
Master Formula polish and sealer
Leather jackets, chaps, and vests for both men and ladies, children too!
Men's and women's jewelry
And so much more! 
Visit the site now at www.CycleOpsUSA.com
Apple users: Due to our menu buttons using flash programming you cannot easily navigate around the site on an iPad or iPhone easily. The below list of pages will show you many photos of our items. However if you access the store directly you will see all of our items, just not as much detail on them as on the site itself. Until we build a new one making it more Apple friendly please use the following links to access various sections of the site:
Proprietary parts page: www.cycleopsusa.com/custombillet.html
Additional parts offered: www.cycleopsusa.com/morevictoryparts.html
Custom reupholstery services: www.cycleopsusa.com/customupholstery.html
Exhaust and fuel management: www.cycleopsusa.com/exhaust.html
Main store page with all items: www.cycleopsusa.com/store.html
*Some items excluded from sale.
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