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Ok everyone! Let get some pics and good stories going on the first V2V ride.


Comments welcome of course as are those of the next ..would that be 8 V2Vs since 10 hasn't happened. New math ya know!


Spike has provided a bit of history behind the V2V, so let's kiss & tell about the ride that really happened!

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My V2V experience, by beck248, grade5


The journey started out with John Trumbauer & I heading up to Roadkill’s cabin/home in the woods. Halfway up RT 33 John’s bike swallows a fuel pump. (I think Pete Fredette still holds the record for most pumps eaten by a V92C, but I digress). John calls the shop for his service truck and tells me to take off and he’ll catch up later. Which I do and he does. (Yes Virgina, there is a Santa Claus and I still carry a spare pump on a long trip) We spend the pre-kickoff night meeting with new friends that we only chatted with online. It felt like we had all known each other forever. Jeff Collins tried out his new touring seat on “Blueox”.



The kickoff leg was Victory NY to Baltimore (or closely thereabouts). We met the Mayor at the “Victory Monument” and Leg Captain Roadkill was presented with a miniature that went into the “bag”.



We tried to stick to what was researched to be the original Victory Highway. But out east there are not many landmarks that helped. The theme of the leg was, “who can do the longest burnout at a redlight”. Mind you, some of us did not listen to the rules, hooked up and wheelied thru the intersection. (my bad) And after a few of these, the theme changed to “who can break their belt first” (Roadkill Wins!) Chosen Sons MC to the rescue! (What a fantastic group. They welcomed us as brothers. I for one will never forget their hospitality). Anyway, Lobo called in the troops to transport, John T who finally joined us earlier at Bromiley’s called home for a belt and the day was salvaged, almost. A new friend, “13” led a midnight run up the beltway to recover the ordered belt from John’s nephew. Without releasing traveling speeds, let’s just say we probably have a record time held from the CSMC clubhouse to the Hospitality House and back. Most of the speeds were triple digit. (and not one encounter with Baltimore or Maryland’s finest)



With the belt fixed the next day we set on out on leg 2, meeting the next riders in Washington DC. Coming into Washington we made one loop around the Washington Monument and found our fellow riders. I remember Dave “upn8iv” Pearce commenting what a great site it was to see those Victorys heading around the monument with the American Flag waving in the front. (thanks to my dearly departed Blue Comet brother and friend, Danny300 for making that flag holder) After a brief rest stop, we headed out under the leadership of upn8iv who led us on an equally fantastic ride through the countryside of Maryland. The Kickoff, Leg 1 & ½ of leg 2 behind us, we rolled into Hancock for lunch. After taking over the restaurant our original group of riders split away from the V2V and headed up to the PA turnpike, left a gaggle of HD riders in the dust, for a ride through the western tunnels (damn these turnouts are loud inside the tunnels). We hit an absolute deluge of rain coming home but 248 cleaned up pretty well. Later, reading the posts, I heard that Sue Velez/Shandelyn had ridden the only Victory on leg 10. I made a mental note to not let that happen again, and planned for the next V2V2 to go coast to coast. Which I did ride the following year with my son, Brenton. We met tons of fantastic people and had a great time, but I only got to ride with Sue in spirit. Sue passed away prior to the V2V2. We also lost Doug White that year, Doug rode the V2V kickoff leg. But the V2V2 is another story for another day.

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