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National Meet Costs

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With the present economy, I thought it might be a good idea to let everyone know what costs can be expected if you are planning or even thinking of coming to Billings for the National Meet. Depending on where you are coming from and how long you plan on being on the road getting here and heading home, you'll have to make your own estimate of traveling costs.

Thursday evening Early Bird B_B_Q -

Free to members, non-members $5

Non-alcoholic beverages will be provided and the hotel will have a bar set up in the courtyard for you to purchase beer, etc. (There will be a ride around town after dinner so be smart here)


Friday -

Breakfast at local restaurants should run you less than $10 each

Lunch in Red Lodge should be between $10 and $15 per person depending on what you want to eat

Catered dinner at the BHCC includes your Meet t-shirt - $15 for members, non-members will have to pay for their shirt $10

Non-alcoholic beverages will be provided

There will be live music and alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase (Bike Rodeo after dinner so if you plan on entering....you get the picture)

If you are interested in any of the charity auction items listed in that thread, you'll need to consider that expense -



Saturday -

Breakfast at local restaurants should run you less than $10 each

Montana Hope charity ride donation of $10 per person - this can be pre-paid if you'd like - see the Pre-registration thread


Lunch in Cooke City should be between $10 and $15 per person depending on what you want to eat

Dinner will be catered at the BHCC and should run approx $15 per plate.

Sunday -

Breakfast at local restaurants should run you less than $10 each


Additional costs -

Hotel - depending on where you stay it will vary some - BHCC rate is $95 plus tax so for all three nights approx $300 

Gas - you do the math here depending on your bike's mpg

   Thursday's ride will be approx 15 to 20 miles

   Friday's ride is approx 155 miles

   Saturday's ride is approx 275 miles

   BHCC to the Metra Park is approx 7 miles

   Hotels to Yellowstone Polaris varies but the Wingate is approx 2 miles and the BHCC is approx 3 blocks (just so you know)

Souvenirs - You're on you own there

Extra Meet t-shirts - should run approx $10 each


Hope this helps some. You can add or subtract depending on when you plan on arriving and what you plan on doing. Looking forward to seeing a lot of old faces and meeting even more new faces. 8)

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Guest Guest

That will be an inexpensive Vacation, thanks for the info Jim.


When Sharanne and I travel, I usually plan on 250 to 300 a day with hotels, food and trinkets.


But, I eat alot. :ops

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Thanks, FnI,

Course I expect a nice cold frosty micro. Did you include that in budget summary? 


No matter, I'll tune me ol' KP so as to save gas, will go on diet to save food costs, just so' I kin git me a nce icey cold micro!!!!




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Guest Guest

Jim, do these restaurants in Red Lodge and Cooke City accept plastic?  What about the catered dinners at BHCC? 

Some of us just don't carry a lot of cash nowdays and I am trying to discern how much cash we should bring.

Thanks for all the hard work!

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