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V2V information for the newbies


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Been trying to do some research but it seems that every single thread in this forum is FROZEN.


Looking for some basic info about the V2V for someone who hasn't been around here long.


I guess in a nutshell........looking for the what, where, when and why aspects of the V2V.



Some details like...


How many riders usually participate in each leg? Two? Ten? Fifty? More...?


Can someone join a leg anywhere along the leg? And depart anywhere?


What types of stops happen on each leg? Is breakfast or lunch or dinner usually done sometime during the leg?


What does each leg consist of as far as terrain? All highway slab miles? Or back country roads? Or a combination?


Any fee/cost or donation? Or do we make a human sacrifice to appease the ride captain?


Like I said....just some basic information, mainly to clear up some confusion :blnk



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The best way to follow the whens & wheres is to find the leg you are interested in riding. Each leg captain will be posting start times & places, lunch stops etc. In the past on the California Leg (1 or 14 depending on direction) we have picked up several at different fuel stops or prearranged meeting spots. Some have continued onto the following leg some drop off at another stop. There are no set rules for joining. You will need to sign a ride waiver as it is an offical VMC event. (No biggy)


Easiest thing to do if you are going to meet enroute is to contact the leg captain and let them know and set up a time and spot.


The numbers vary on each leg and change during the day. Being as it is pretty much only Victory riders the numbers are realitvely small.


The ride is FREE!!! Although we encourage you to buy a V2V T-shirt & Pin (To be announced soon). ALL proceeds for the sales go to the Victory Ladies Charity which is Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. The shirts in the past have been $20, pins $5. Hopefully they will remain that again this year.


Stops include Victory Hwy monuments, scenic overlooks, VICTORY dealers and FOOD! At the end of the ride, there is the passing of the baton to the next Leg Captain at a dinner.


Personally on the route I led from Reno to Oakland I tried to follow the actual old route as close as possible. I have tried to limit the amount of slab and make the ride as fun and scenic as possible within reason. SOme sections just allow for that, but I think whatever the routes are everyone has a ton of fun. I have only gone as far east as Wendover, Utah. THIS(Lincoln Hwy) should give you a bit of a picture of the actual route.( Victory Hwy Info ) Each leg is a bit different. You can go back into past years and check out some of the stuff in your area. I've changed the route on the leg I led from year to year to incorporate more of the actual old hwy as I found bits and pieces of it.


Spike will be posting the History of the V2V soon so that should give you some more insight.


Whatever you do, YA GOTTA MAKE THIS RIDE! Even if only parts & pieces of it, you won't find a more fun bunch of folks than the Vicsters!



(If the thread is frozen you can still read it, you just can't post on the old threads. We are easily confused!) All the ones for this years V2V X are at the top of the V2V Forum.)







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Hey there Lotzafun,


Perfect timing for your question!


What Fishwitch has said is a really good answer. I see you are located in IL. There is an outstanding group of folks that manage the IL section of the V2V and that particular section of the ride usually has more folks on their legs than the other sections (with the exception of the California section).


Ok - grab a beer and sit back and I'll tell you a little story - way more than you asked for and I'll try not to ramble or get sidetracked.


10 years and a few months ago, I got a Victory - man was I excited! #160 and the first in the state of KS (so far, no arguments, so I'm sticking to my claim). Trish and I (my wife) rode that thing all over and got the Steve Martin 'what the hell is that' every where we went. We started noticing Victory everything wherever we went - Victory Baptist Church, Victory Cemetery etc. About this same time, we were playing with web pages and Trish created our own web page all about us and our Victory. Then a woman named Laura sent us an invite to a Yahoo Group for Victory owners. We signed up and there was her, a guy named Graham and a guy named Roadkill there - we made 4 and 5 in the group. Word spread pretty fast and in a few months, there were dozens of us talking. Well we all decided then that we'd head up to Spirit Lake, IA on July 4th in 1999 and meet each other and check out the Victory factory. July4th being the anniversary of Victory #1 coming off the assembly line. We called it the Victory Homecoming and a whopping 8 of us showed up - from all over - KS, IA, MA, TX and MN - it was possible the best summer ever (up to that point). And there you have the seed sewn for the AVR - but we are talking about the V2V.


Well on the way home from this homecoming, flying high, Trish and I rode past a place called Victory Junction Restaurant in Kansas City, KS (now basically the location of Nascar's KS Speedway). Of course we pulled in - had to get a match book you know! They didn't have one, but the waitress said we could have a menu. We got home and read the cover of the menu and there was a short article about this road called the Victory Highway. The menu gave very limited details, so off to the internet we went. We went to Ebay and found 2 different maps - one from 1924 and one from 1928. We bought the map from 1924 (Rand McNally) and got a copy of the one from 1928 from a guy at a college. It was called the Mohawk Hobbs guide to the Victory Highway. We scanned it in and it was most excellent. We let our website pass away, but another guy ripped off all of our scanned pages and put them on his page - so you can still see them today. They will answer everything about the terrain and EXACT route of the Victory Highway.


Well here we have these maps of this road called the Victory Highway that runs from Times Square in NY to Market Street in San Francisco. And here we had this big group of folks on a Yahoo Group that we had been dying to meet. Now up to about 300 folks or so. So it had to be done - we have to ride our Victorys on the Victory Highway. Victory to Victory..... V2V.....


But that's a huge stretch of road, so we came up with the idea of doing it Pony Express style - breaking the highway up into sections (Legs) and then getting someone to be the Leg Captain of each leg. We would then get a baton to the first Leg Captain and it would be their job to get that baton from the start to the end of their leg - and hand it off to the next leg captain who would then take responsibility for getting the baton from the start to the end of their leg (leg 2). They would have one day to get from start to finish of their leg. We only had 3 rules - 1. Only a Victory could carry the baton. 2. Stick as close to the actual Victory Highway route as possible and 3. Have fun!


So that's what we did and the Victory Highway Relay was born. I've tried to call it the Victory Highway Relay every year, but V2V is the most popular name - at least when people are typing it.


One other bit of trivia for you. The baton we carry was built for us specifically by the folks at the Spirit Lake factory. You have to see it to believe it, but it's a piece of handlebar with mini grips on it and a handlebar clamp that says 1998 V92C. There were going to be, but there never were 1998 Victorys, so very special.


The Victory Highway was built as a memorial to the United States Victory in the Great War (WWI). There were statues and signs built all along the highway and some are still there. One of the historically interesting facts about the Victory Highway is that right in the center of it in Kansas City is the only Federal Monument not located in Washington DC - the WWI memorial is in Kansas City - and it is really cool - even though we have not ever stopped there because it's in down town KC and not a fun thing to get all the bikes down there and back in any reasonable amount of time. It's called Liberty Memorial and is a huge WWI museum.


Every year, it's been a challenge to all the Leg Captains and riders to find new stuff about the Victory Highway. We have found actual old Victory Highway road signs believe it or not - and so far, 6 Victory Highway eagle statues - they are very cool to find!!! Of the 6 we have found so far, 3 of them are in Kansas and 3 are in California. Look in my photo album and you will see a lot of V2V photos. Over the years, the legs and routes have changed a little and morphed here and there for varying reasons - mostly practicality. Members here could fill pages with stories of the last 9 years. The very first year, the V2V hung by a thread - only one Victory road the leg across Utah - if it weren't for Sue Valez, the V2V would not have happened the first time, so we have named the leg across Utah Sue's leg. Posthumously sadly. I've tried to get the leg captains to name all of the legs, but so far, we have stuck to numbers - which is confusing because the relay alternates direction each year - so this year's leg 1 was last years leg 14. But more on that later.


So after that first year and getting out on this cool old highway and meeting other real live Victory owners, we made it an annual event. But year two, we decided to go back from West to East instead of East to West like we did the first year. This way, the folks on each coast get to alternate who ends the ride. You see, we decided that it's appropriate to end the relay every year on July 4th - the birthday of the Victory motorcycle.


A couple of years ago, we added two days to the relay - and made it an even two weeks. So from now on, you can plan the V2V dates years into the future.


The relay alternates direction every year - NY to San Fran one year and then back the next.


It always starts on the first day of summer (June 21st) and ends on July 4th.


The biggest legs are around 50 people - and that's the legs that happen to fall on Saturdays. There are some legs that will have as few as 3 or 4 bikes in the middle - but then end up with 20 or so at the end.


ANYONE on ANY kind of bike is welcome - but still, only a Victory can carry the baton. You are welcome to join at any point and drop off at any point. Meet us for lunch or ride coast to coast!


So far, 9 people have ridden from coast to coast on the V2V.


We try to stay off the super slab when we can - but in some places, we have no choice - such as the longest leg - Wilson, KS to Denver. The only paved road is I-70. But it's cool because we can go 90 out there and there's no one to care.


We highly encourage every Leg Captain to put their unique stamp on their leg - so that while the general idea is the same all the way across, hopefully no two legs will be the same and you will get something new and exciting out of every leg.


I can tell you right now that the leg from KC to Wilson, KS is totally awesome. Wonderful 2 lane roads through old little towns, limestone buildings, 3 Victory Highway statues!, the Eisenhower Presidential library (the father of the Interstate Highway system and NASA), The Kansas motorcycle museum, the state capital (Topeka), a couple of cowtowns of legend and a Victory Highway sign left over from long ago. And of course, the stopping point - the Midland Hotel - SO COOL.


Oh and the leg that goes through the rockies is pretty cool too. :) If you make it to Maybell, CO, you will be smiling for a long time after that. I've only been from St. Louis to San Fran personally, so I can only comment myself on those legs - every one of them has it's own great story - made great by the road itself and the people you ride with and party with at the end of each day.


I want very badly to ride on the very first (or last) leg with Mark Luz - they always have such a great time - a special cake, and a restaurant they always stop at that has a Victory specific menu - so awesome - one of these days, i will be one of the people that has ridden the Victory Highway from end to end on the V2V.



Well you got way more than you paid for there. I hope for V2VX this year we have a record turn out. Everyone always seems to love the V2V - and once you ride it, you will know why. I hope you take at least an afternoon to ride with the group as it passes through your part of the country.


Oh - and I guess that would help - a general idea of the route. It's NOT I-70, but it's that general idea from the East coast to about Denver - then highway 40 to Salt Lake, then I-80 to Wendover and then we drop south for the Lincoln Leg of the Relay. One leg of the V2V deviates from the Victory highway (for good reason) and meets back up with the Victory Highway in Reno. Then on into San Francisco.


Like I said - folks can write pages about this - and I hope they do chime in to fill in the gaps I have left - it's a fantastic highway, a fantastic group of people and incredible memories.

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Last year my first ride with all these folks through Nevada...well almost all the way....I met with them in Fernley and bought my shirt had breakfast with all these fine people...then we rode to my hometown in Fallon ,Nevada. Gassed up and when all the BS`n subsided continued on our journey on Highway 50 east and everyone started to open up the bikes(just a little..lol) and my friends who were ridin` with me or should I say behind me namely Ol` Pew..started to get drenched with my oil(Amsoil ..damn!!!)he was covered! My V92C blew that tiny oil plug in the oil sending unit and did it ever spray..oh ya! At about 90 and counting we all were going...you can imagine all the coating of fresh oil that I was putting on the roads not to mention my dear friend Pew! He rode up along side me and he looked like something out of a movie..maybe Wild Hogs? We all stopped and all the leaders of the pack turned around and came back...the Ness trailer was a God send! I thank to this day all the folks who helped me get the bike in the trailer and back home ..about 20 miles, and to great Vicsters for their understanding with my problem..just to let you guys and gals know...about 6.00 bucks and 20 minutes of labor and 2 qts of oil, bike was up and running. Still a great leg and lots of fun and comradery.

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V2V3 was my first. After heading up to Reno to meet the group I had made reservations at another hotel. The group had asked if I had any money and if I wanted to buy a pin. Well yea! Hey, you can stay in this hotel with us and offered me a room with them. Needless to say I declined. Next year 8 months after major hart surgery.The wife and I rode to Denver and back on the V2V. Met lotsa great people along the way. Most I call my good friends. I still have most of those pins today. Lost a few off my vest crossing Navada but o well. These people are still my best friends no shit :chpr .

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YAY we have takers for the entire ride!!! AWESOME!!! CYA out west!

Lucky_V92c - 2009-02-22 8:11 PM

Posted 2009-02-16 11:05 PM, Spike160blue:I want very badly to ride on the very first (or last) leg with Mark Luz - they always have such a great time - a special cake, and a restaurant they always stop at that has a Victory specific menu - so awesome - one of these days, i will be one of the people that has ridden the Victory Highway from end to end on the V2V.


Since this is the 10th anniversary of the V2V, now is the time to do it!!!

Wanda and I are planning on riding all 14 legs this year, we invite you and other Victory riders to join us.

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Also on Old 40 you will find statues called the "Madonna of the trail". These were built to honor the frontier women and children that traveled the trail going west. There is one of these statues just west of Carmicheals PA. and the only one that is not on the trail is in Dayton Ohio. Not sure where the rest are.



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Robrutus, there is a Madonna of the Trail statue in Council Grove, KS - that's a pretty far piece South of 40 in this part of the country, but worth the trip down some time. Council Grove also has a place called the Hays House that has the same menu it's had for over a hundred years (so I'm told) - fried chicken, green beans and rolls - I imagine its pretty good since they have had all those years to practice. I keep meaning to eat there someday. Hmm - sounds like the birth of a thread in the GPVR chapter thread....

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Newbies!!!! Sad news for you. Anyone that missed out on our 4 year run staying at the Midland Hotel in Wilson, KS really missed out. Sadly, the Midland Hotel is now closed permanently. Too bad - that was just an extremely cool place to stay. It was built at about the same time the Victory Highway was built - and about 5 years ago, it reopened for business completely restored to it's original condition - complete with the metal hooks in the windows to tie your bed sheets to use as your fire escape. But with the modern nice things like AC.


Those that have been there can also testify that this place had the best beds of all time! I'm getting choked up :)


Sitting outside, listening to the oil wells chug... the train running through your room at 3am... drummers tavern... oh well.


You really missed out - and those of us that didn't, are going to miss it. We'll probably stop there anyway for a moment of silence and get our picture in front of the doughboy.

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My first V2V was as support truck for Spike and Trish from Hays, KS to St Louis. I recall the evening in Hays when Eric IA needed his pants repaired......Trish sewed his pant legs up (fixed the crotch too!). We waited two mornings before he wore them! Ahhh good times! I'll be riding Hays to KC this year on #711...my old man will be on his Gold Wing. Looking forward to it!!

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Hey all V2V'ers!!! The current unofficial participant count is: 146.

Leg 14 is in the lead with 19

Legs 1 & 8 are tied with 16


If any of you would like a flyer, please PM me your e-mail address and I will forward one to you.


Make your plans now - this is a great event! See ya on the V2V!!



V2V Chair

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Hopefully there will be time for a quick stop in Maybell, CO to see if our picture from 2008 is on the wall of the Victory Motel. What a great night that was......my stomach still hurts from all the laughter!! Won't be on V2V this year---will miss you. Have fun!! Hope to see you all in Billings. :pty

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During the lunch break on the recent Napa Valley ride, FishWitch was chatting up the V2V, which I knew little to nothing about. This piqued my interest and led to Google searches, and there is a lot out there about it.


I think one of FishWitch's earlier postings mentioned the Lincoln Highway, too, and there is some overlap of the Victory & Lincoln highways, particularly in the West.


Yesterday I was in San Francisco and ended up in Lincoln Park at the Palace of the Legion of Honor, one of the major art museums in San Francisco. Then I remembered reading that the western terminus of the Lincoln Highway is the plaza in front of the Legion of Honor in Lincoln Park. It was fairly early and there were no cars parked in the plaza and little traffic passing by. So I'm standing in the plaza looking for something that might signify the Lincoln Highway, literally turning 360 degrees scanning the surrounding area. I happened to notice, off to the south side of the plaza, something with a large 'L' on it. Hmm, I thought, I've seen that before. So I walk over to this little thing as, by then, a bus had driven up & parked next to it. It's right next to the Legion of Honor muni bus stop.


And this is what I found:

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