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V2V information for the newbies


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This year's Victory Highway Relay starts in San Francisco on Monday, June 21, 2010 and travels East to New York/New Jersey area ending on July 4, 2010. Please join us in this National Event and if anyone has any questions or concerns, just contact me via pm or e-mail me (prowe@frazmtn.com)





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I'm all over this one!! I'm in search of a Victory Eagle supposedly in the Santa Cruz Area. Anyone else know of Victory Eagles?


If anyone is in Santa Cruz and can look into this a bit more it would be appreciated! We have the one in Sacramento and in Truckee! That's 2 confirmed on Leg One of this years Victory Highway Relay!!


Can anyone else beat that? CHALLENGE ON!







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"So far, 9 people have ridden from coast to coast on the V2V."


i am guessing this number has increased since this post?


i know i am in the minority, but back when i did v2v2, it was 12 days & certainly could have half that.

it is one thing to take a week or 2 off of work, but 3 is hard for even me to do.


2 weeks tip toeing across one way, then zipping home in 1 week is kinda silly & may be the reason more don't go the distance.


i suspect that if the number of days were to decrease to, say 10 days, i bet more would go the distance.


but what do i know- next week will be my third cross-country ride & i have ridden in only 40 states...



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Vohn Busby, V2V Chairman, this is my first year, but I hope to answer some your questions:


Some details like...


How many riders usually participate in each leg? Two? Ten? Fifty? More...?


The V2V is 14 legs. This year's registration, so far........has a minimum of 2 riders for one leg up to about 12 for another and a mix in between those numbers for the other legs.


Can someone join a leg anywhere along the leg? And depart anywhere?


You can join the V2V at any point you wish. Please register for the legs you want to participate, so the leg captain knows you are going.


What types of stops happen on each leg? Is breakfast or lunch or dinner usually done sometime during the leg?


Gas stops............meal stops...............rest stops. If you need to stop, advise your leg captain. He will accomodate your needs.


What does each leg consist of as far as terrain? All highway slab miles? Or back country roads? Or a combination?


There will be a combination on freeway and backroards. Each captain is devising his routes.



Any fee/cost or donation? Or do we make a human sacrifice to appease the ride captain?


No fees or donations. In fact, for particiapating, you will receive a free event tshirt and patch. Plus, your evening meal minus alcolic drinks will be reimbursed.


Like I said....just some basic information, mainly to clear up some confusion



Hope this helps





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