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V2V "16" Leg#7 ~ 6.27.15 ~ St. Louis,MO - Kansas City,KS

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robbrutus - 2015-01-06 1:54 PM

Welcome to the 16th Annual Victory Highway Relay (V2V)



Leg Captain: Jerry Post  (Postman)

Co. Captain:


Hotel for this leg will be the Pear Tree in Overland Park Ks. We will have a BBQ at the hotel that evening. Details on that later.King room $79.952 queen beds- $89.95Please book by 05-28-14 for this rate. Use the link or call the hotel direct. Pear Tree Inn Overland Park10951 METCALF AVENUE OVERLAND PARK , KS 66210Telephone: (913) 451-0200Thank you for allowing Pear Tree Inn Overland Park to be a part of your next great event! We are looking forward to seeing you soon and we are ready to uphold our reputation for great service & value. Rooms have been held for our group and to make reservations, please click on the link below.http://www.druryhotels.com/Reservations.aspx?groupno=2242569
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We only have t-shirts through this leg. To get them further west, I will need some help form each rider that has room to carry some to the next leg. So if you have the room please help. If the next leg can't transport all that is brought in for the leg, please leave them with Tom and I will make arrangements to retrieve them.






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We do not have a V2V Committee Chairman for the 2016 V2V. We need someone to step up to the plate and take the lead for this event or it will end. The V2V has been part of the VMC from the beginning! This is not an easy event to co-ordinte since it involve getting people to volunteer as leg captions for 14 legs to pass the baton from leg to leg.


The Events Committee needs help to continue the tradition of support for our the V2V.


If you are the person or persons that can meet this challenge contact me ASAP!


Chuck Miller

Events Chairman



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