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V2V "16" Leg#10 ~ 6.30.15 ~ Castle Rock,CO - Craig,CO

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I'm assuming we'll stay at the Bear Valley Inn in Craig. She won't be with me on this trip so if anyone wants to split a room I've got one with two queen beds reserved.


Any idea where everyone is staying on the 29th in Castle Rock, or where/when we'll meet up on the 30th?



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Looking to start this leg from the Days Inn and Suites at 4691 Castleton Way, Castle Rock, CO 80109. Although I'm not the leg captain for Leg 9, Wilson, KS to Castle Rock, CO, I did mention in that leg's thread that this would be a good place to meet, as in years past.


Will try to get some prices for this location, as well as 2 others within walking distance.



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As Ichi mentioned, this leg will end at the Bear Valley Inn at 755 Victory Way in Craig.


Room and reservation info are:

Rooms: $50 + tax.

Phone: 970-824-8101.

(Please mention you are with the VMC)


As is traditional for Joe and Brandi (General Managers), they will be providing a BBQ dinner with all the trimmings free of charge.


For our appreciation, in years past, we've provided Joe and Brandi 2 V2V shirts for all their hard work, generosity, and hospitality.


For the V2V organizers: Please ensure there are 2 V2V shirts reserved for Joe and Brandi (both 2XL) in the traveling bag.


Lastly, I was told that, due to personal reasons, this will probably be the last year Joe and Brandi will be personally hosting our event. Joe and Brandi have been wonderful hosts for many years, and they will be moving on next year. Last year was the largest gathering at the Bear Valley Inn for this event. Let's see if we can top that and make it an extra special thank you for Joe and Brandi.


Hope to see you there.



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Since this is one of the shorter legs, we'll be starting at around 9am (give or take) from the Days Inn and Suites at 4691 Castleton Way, Castle Rock, CO 80109.


Itinerary for the leg is as follows:

- KSU at 9-ish

- Lunch = Idaho Springs (~ 10:30-10:45)

- Intermediate stop = Kremmling (~ 1:30)

- Arrive = Craig, CO (~ 3:30)


All times and locations are subject to change depending on road conditions, and the very predictable Colorado weather. :ltr


PS. Don't forget to bring your rain gear. You've been warned.



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I'll be doing both legs out of Kansas City thru to your leg so I need to get one of the rooms reserved. I am going to see who will be riding with me out of Kansas City and how far they want to ride. I'm thinking Russel Kansas so I need to get some rooms set up. I was not sure the distance from Wilson to Castle rock. I will probably leave you and head back up to Iowa and home.


I have to get busy our Ill miss the boat on your rooms.





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Thank you and you have already been alot of help. I will get started on all,of that tonight. I am marrying my daughter off next Saturday and getting ready for that has slowed me down some. I was not to worried about the lack of scenery, In Iowa all we see for miles is corn. Having company along is always welcome. I will accept the McDonalds suggestion as golden and that will be a stop For a break and gas. The Victory I own is Hiball. I traded my CCT for an Indian Roadmaster as it is shorter and easier for my short legs. The General Manager was just a salesman when I started buying bikes from Mcgraths and he is a good friend. Should be that was eleven bikes ago. Anyway knowing I can't do the V2V on an Indian they are going to let me pick one of their Victory bikes. When it came time to thinning the herd so to speak it was not going to be the HiBall but it has caused some moments when I'm riding long distance and showing up to Victory event on an Indian. :) Again Thanks for the help

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Hey John, et.al.


With some changes in my work schedule, looks like I can possibly make the Leg#9 from Russell-to-Castle Rock. My plan is to tentatively ride out on Sunday morning from Colorado Springs and arrive in Russell late afternoon or so. Probably staying at the Fossil Creek Hotel and have dinner with those folks. I'll be riding in with them on Monday from Russell to Castle Rock, have dinner, yada yada. I head out of town on Tuesday evening for work, so I cannot do the Craig leg this year. Let anyone know I'm heading out to Russell (not Wilson this year) on Sunday morning if they want to join me. I plan to take the SOUTH PDVR banner out so we can have representation in Kansas. We can hang the banner wherever we are having dinner on Monday night in CR. I'll read the thread above to get all the info.


When will the rain ever stop.



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To all,


There's been a change for who will be the Leg Captain for this leg. Due to a personal issue (going out of state to pick up my wife's new motorcycle seat, which happens to be attached to a 2013 XC Tour, and bringing them both home), I will be handing the duty of Leg Captain to Dave Cooper of the Palmer Divide Victory Riders.


Dave was the Leg Captain for the leg from Castle Rock to Wilson, KS (eastbound) a few years back so he's familiar with what needs to be done.


I believe Dave will add a post to this thread soon to provide any additional info he deems necessary. As for now, the dinner location (Rockyard American Grill), and the start time and location (Days Inn and Suites, 0900-ish) is still a go.


My wife and I will still be able to attend the dinner on Monday night, but will have to miss out on the Colorful Colorado Leg 10.


Thanks to Dave for volunteering.



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I need some help getting t-shirts further west. If you have room, please see if you can transport and help sell shirts to the next leg. Shirts are 10 dollars and pins are free again this year. All proceeds will be donated to the IAVA charity. Please leave all collected funds in the Victory pack and I will have them sent to me from the last leg.






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Hi All,


I am the new capt for this leg. Not changing anything other then slight change of route. Still hoping to leave as close to 9:00 AM as possible from Days Inn in Castle Rock. Remember you need to sign a waiver so please arrive early. Heading up Deer Creek Rd through Evergreen and over Squaw Mountain Pass. Lunch in Winter Park and then to Craig via Steamboat or over Gore Pass depending on people's wishes. Dinner on Monday night is still at Rockyard American Grill, 880 Castleton Rd in Castle Rock 6:00 to 6:30. Please let me know if you will be attending dinner, we are trying to make some reservations.


I am also planning to ride out to Limon on Monday afternoon and ride in with that leg 9. Let me know if you are interested in joining usand we can coordinate a meeting place.


You can reach me directly @ coop2362@gmail.com or 303-917-2114


Looking forward to a great leg and much fun in Craig!


Dave Cooper





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I will have room to help carry some "stuff" from Castle Rock to Craig, unless of course I am carrying all Todd's "stuff", :blnk ,,

I have heard rumors that dinner in Craig will be "BBQ Chicken", (it was A-1++ last year!), and after the Freedom Ride a couple week ago, FIREBALL has been banned from the evening's entertainment.

I was planning on riding out to Limon tomorrow, then Craig on Tuesday, onto Park City Wednesday, then back to Denver Thursday, but once again my stupid work schedule has got in the way of the important ride schedule, so it's Castle Rock to Craig, and back to Denver Wednesday, dang it!



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