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V2V "16" Leg#12 ~ 7.2.15 ~ Park City,UT - Ely,NV

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I went ahead and made my resies in Ely at the Hotel Nevada. Glad I did. all they can do for the 2nd of July is over nighters like us but the rooms are getting slim pickins. Wendy and I had to settle for a smoking suite with King sized bed. Rates went up a little too

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FYI, Leg 11 has chosen the Best Western Landmark Inn in Kimball Jct for our stop on Wednesday night, same place as 2013. More info to follow.

Reservations at 800-548-8824 or (435) 649-7300. Address is 6560 North Landmark Drive, Park City, UT.





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Crap. Volunteered for Leg Captain and just realized I have to DO stuff. Will get a hold of the folks in Ely as soon as SW Meet is over. Hotel choice is generally Hotel Nevada or the one I prefer across the street at The Jailhouse. Phone number for each are:


Hotel Nevada http://hotelnevada.com/

Toll Free # 1-888-406-3055

long distance # 1-775-289-6665


If these fill up there is always the Jailhouse across the street http://www.jailhousecasino.com/

Toll Free # 1-800-841-5430



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I need some help getting t-shirts further west. If you have room, please see if you can transport and help sell shirts to the next leg. Shirts are 10 dollars and pins are free again this year. All proceeds will be donated to the IAVA charity. Please leave all collected funds in the Victory pack and I will have them sent to me from the last leg.






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