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VMC meet here I come! Now what do I bring?


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Just confirmed I am going to Billings! Whoo Hooo! :dp


Thought it would be a good thread for anyone like me who has never been to a meet like this to ask the veterans what to bring? Either stuff you forgot once yourself or something you would never leave without. I will have my wife in a cage behind me so space isn't an issue. I just want to make the very most of this trip. Thanks in advance for any and all info and experience you may have! :chpr

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It sounds like a plan that can't help but succeed, since you can bring things you may never need.

Two things you might consider, however,

First, you drive the can and have your wife ride the bike to 50 miles outside Billings, then get all your gear on, rub some dirt on your face and ride into town, telling her to roll in after dark.

Secondly, get a trailer and ride a while and then tow a while................

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1) Sense of humor

2) Leave wife at home

3) Leather thong

4) Assless chaps

5) Vaseline

6) Banjo

7) Bandages

8) Grain alcohol (glass container because it'll melt plastic)

9) Patron for the wussies...

10) camera with erasable memory

11) girlfriend with erasable memory

12) a bird for Jethro

13) Crown for Lobs

14) stripper for Lobs (it's the only way to keep him occupied.. if you don't bring one, he'll find one)

15) packet of Sharpies (multi colored)

16) I Slept With Tigger t-shirt

17) Travellin Tigger

18) blow up doll so you never ride alone

19) blow up doll so you never sleep alone (after you get drunk and piss off the wife, the girlfriend, and the stripper)

20) Phone number of someone you can trust to pick you up and not leave you in a puddle of your own vomit and save you from jail


Sounds like you have some planning to do... LOL

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