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I'm Home Check In........


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Chick and I along with Lady Victory and Speedy (the rider formaly known as Big Bird), and Red Dragon rolled into town around 7:30. This was our first VMC meet and we couldn't have picked a better one.

Thanks to all.

Thanks to BA and BR Jackpot and the ones above for a thrilling time spent on the Dragon's tail this morning. Thanks to all the above as well as Paris and Russell, Road Runner and especially Tigger and Mrs. Tigger for the guided tour of the "Tail of the Tigger!" Everything about the past 5 days was spot on!


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Made it home at 3PM today.  Spent some time in Cherokee with the wife and Nolan before they ran sweep for me all the way back to Alpharetta.

Thanks for a great weekend.  I enjoyed the cruising and company.  I also appreciate the free room..... I mean chrome donation.   Shipment on the way Pete!

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Jackpot Red;, we enjoyed the riding up to 6053 feet on the parkway Sunday.

Sorry about the bee sting!

We got home around 9:00 after picking the kids up from grandpas in Rogersville.

Found a GREAT new route from Cherokee to LorettoTn.; Up 129 to the end of the dragon, back down, then follow speedy through Chattanooga .,Lost Ya,ll somewhere around the Monteagle mountain. Had to dodge deer on 64 a few times.

Now its back to work.

Thanks for a great weekend.

The Bama girls can really pull a mean trailer through them twisty roads!!

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Made it home safely just about midnight Sunday night. 569 miles in 14 hours is a bit long but when your partner needs a smoke, he ain't kidding. :lh Well worth it though, had a GREAT TIME.

A million thanks to Danny K and crew, awesome job and a real pleasure to meet you guys.:tu Lobster, great job on your end as well.

Thanks to Lloyd (Lloyd Motorworkz) Scott (Conquest) and Grady (Roadhorse) all good stuff. Helluva good time and looking forward to the next one. To all my new brothers and sisters it was a pleasure.:yho




Yellow w/custom paint 07 Hammer.. 2" fwd cntrl. ext. Metzler 260 rear and front tires that improves handeling. Kuryakin switchblades, Gen III fuel controller, S & S breather, two into one pipe, Ness black engine covers, and many Roadhorse accessories to include a well lit cheese cutter!

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Nikki and I left Cherokee at 1:00 p.m. Sunday and arrived at home at 6:00 a.m., yes, a.m Monday....17 hours on the bike with stops...Very interesting with temperatures going from 100 degrees to 49 degrees in the same ride (per the Vision gauge). Got a little chilly at about 4:30 a.m. in Northern Michigan...Ever ride any typ of distance with glowing eyes staring at you every 1/4 mile? The deer were definately out.


Very nice to finally meet so many people that I have wanted to meet for a very long time. We have an outstanding group of memebers, I am proud to be a part of it.


A humongous thanks to Danny, you are incredible.


Big thanks to all who put this together, it was fantastic.


Big thanks to Jim for leading a fun group and not putting us to sleep doing the speed limit.


A big no thanks to the roads in North Carolina....Now I hate Michigan and don't want to ride here anymore.


A really big thanks to my Vision for allowing me to go on long trips now. If it were not for the Vision, I would not have gone to the meet.


Ok, when is the next big event, I am ready...

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Made it home about 1:30 yesterday after a layover at the inlaws Sunday nite. No rain for me on the way home. It was hot and dry as a popcorn fart.

Big thanks to everyone for all the hard work putting this on. This was my first big VMC meet and it was great. I met a lot of great people and was able to put some faces to names I recognized from the site. I can't wait for the next one.

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No Marty, I wish I was... at least you can sleep that off. lol


I got airsick about halfway back home, that was no fun, but still worth the trip out east!

It was awesome getting to finally put some names with faces after all these years.

You SE guys sure know how to throw a shin-dig, My hats off to Lobsterhunter and Danny K. for one the great event!

Thanks again to everyone who helped get me out east, I had a blast and it was awesome finally getting to meet Kevinx, Lloyd and Scott.

I know there are some I did not get to meet and I apologize.


I have pics I will post in the meet forum as soon as I get everything unpacked!



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Made it home!!!  2044 miles round trip!  This was by far the best trip I've taken on the 'pin...so far.  Already planning on Montana!

A ginormous "THANK YOU" to ALL involved in pulling this off.:appl :appl :appl

This region is incredibly beautiful!

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Got home safe and tired..........

Unloaded rig

Washed, serviced, stowed rig

Now I get to go back to work.......................:?

It was so great seeing the club come together with all the individual personalities we have here. This was my first national meet and I am glad it was in my back yard so to speak. Danny, Jim and D'Mans.......... words cannot express the gratitude for hosting this event, it certainly would not have been same without your efforts folks :appl :appl :appl 

Mike........ Jethro was going to give that Pit a good home as I was to bring him to Atlanta if he was still around on Monday morning........ he wasn't. 

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Sorry for the late check in...Chimp and I got home Monday morning about 2am...Many people asked ChiMP why I was so reserved this past weekend...well I appologize, I have not been feeling very good for the last month and I knew that I would have some business to take care of when I got home...Later Monday I checked in with the specialists...Tuesday my cardiac heros did their thing and now Thursday night I am back home and feeling like my joveal old self again.


The mountains, roads and the meet where all the best. Thanks to all for your hard work...and I blame Monday's cardiac incident on the new cockring and the bunny RABBITT!!!!...party on guys...



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Well folks, we made it home yesterday...4700 mi....have to say thank you to all those involved in organizing the meet...had a great time and good to see old friends and meet new ones....


We left the meet and went to Myrtle Beach with Tim (Sidecar)and Lisa...had 4 days of sun and waves....great friends and a fun time....from Myrtle Beach to Jack Danials to Greg and Cindy's in Viginia.....a few days of back and forth over the mountains working our way north cross the border and home


Super bike...super ride and super friends....can't wait till next year......thanks to all



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