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If your ass is NOT on the way to cherokee READ this

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OK, here is the deal. FREE Beer!! Free Food! Free T shirts. Free Rides. Free Buddies for Life!

What the fuck else can you ask for????????? VMC is picking up the tab for everyting. Tonight we had about 60 people here

including Conquest Customs and Lloyd is in the house!!!!!

Every morning includes free breakfast 730 am -10am, free beer from 7 am til????

and free dinner nightly. What else can we do to convince you????

Check out our sign......

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So what are you waiting for? There is room at the inn!!! No sleeping in the barn!!!!!

Call today and make your reservations if not already done....


PM lobsterhunter or devilboy26. We are here to meet your every want and need...

Great tees, great food and company!!! What are you waiting for???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

we got some of the best Victory minds in existance, KevinX, WoodlandVic, Smyte(conquest customs) and Llloyd is in the house with his mad tuning skills and dyno....

next year will be more!!If you have not been before, Make this your first!!!!!! Make it a VMC tradition.....

PM lobsterhunter or call devilboy 954-804-2412 with questions,,,, better yet JUST show up!!!

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