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V2V leg #9 STL to Terre Haute

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Mike are we doing any kind of group ride to STL?


I did get a block of 15 rooms reserved at the Best Western. Same place as last year.

Contact # is 812-238-1461. Ask for victory riders group block and dicount. $79


Also, we have gotten the BBQ again for this years stop at Terre Haute. I think it went over good last year.


Are we going to waste our time again at that one dealer in IL again? They were worthless.


Yes you are right about last year, that storm was bad.



Hope to see you Sat.

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In answer to your questions - yes, good, great, HELL NO, yup, and you will....


Westbound, I'm hoping we can meet-up at VoTH and go as a group. I'd suggest (because I'm basically too lazy to ride US40 twice) we go I-70 until Alton then maybe US67 or something (plenty of time to decide on this later).


Don't know yet on another overnight stay for me. It depends on how "wiped" I am by 9pm or so. I'm pretty sure we'll do the "hand-off" during the BBQ so I'm not really needed the next morning - unless I'm feeling so great I want to ride part of the east leg too. Who knows......I just might. If rooms are a problem, I can stay anywhere with a bed & shower.


Re: "that dealer" - I'll NEVER set a tire on their lot again. Period. I'm ALL FOR supporting ANY Victory dealership but not one who obviously doesn't WANT such support. For the record, if anyone wants to meet up with us in the Vandalia-Effingham-Greenville, IL area, PM ME PLEASE! We'll plan a rendezvous.


Re: storms. I think we should have gotten credit last year with ending the IL-drought!


See you at the meeting. I sent you an e-mail re: the VJG poker run route.




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Leg 9 folks -


SATURDAY, JUNE 28TH: Our WESTBOUND GROUP will leave VoTH @ 11am, IN-time. (That's 10am, IL-time.)


NOTE: Remember - westbound, we "lose" an hour at the IN/IL state line. Eastbound, we "gain" the hour.


All travel will likely be on I-70, then I-270 near St. Louis, then MO 370 (370 is freeway), then back on I-70 - to Wentzville. Mapquest indicates actual ride-time is 3:23, at 202 miles. Check: http://www.mapquest.com/maps/terre+Haute++in/wentzville+mo/.


I plan to stop at both I-70 rest areas in IL. They're nice. One is located near Altamont and one is near Highland. We'll also plan on "lunch stop" when everyone is hungry - probably in Effingham?


Fuel-stops will be made according to need but - in any case - I don't intend to exceed a 45-min. ride-time on any part of the WESTBOUND trip.


I WOULD SUGGEST that anyone who wants to join us WESTBOUND meet up with us at either of the above-mentioned rest areas - or please advise me where you want to meet by PM. You can also PM me for my cell #.


We will PROBABLY be parked at the rest area near Altamont about 1:30 - 2pm (ESTIMATED, IL-time) - for about 15-20 min. Our arrival at the rest park at Highland will be a GUESS but I'd say sometime after 3pm is likely - with stops and breaks. I don't expect to arrive at Wentzville before 5pm. The WESTBOUND trip will be a "relaxed pace".


LEG 9 - SUNDAY, JUNE 29th:




I'll ESTIMATE (at this time) - we'll depart the Super 8 (or wherever the Leg 8 folks want to do breakfast) sometime around 9 - 9:30am. (An EXACT "sidestands-up" time will be provided when breakfast-plans are finalized.)


Our route's initial few miles is still to be determined -- but it will involve traveling to the Grafton Ferry dock, where we'll again cross the confluence of the Mississippi & Illinois Rivers on the Grafton Ferry.


Following our $4 (?), 15-min. "boat-ride" --


We'll travel along the bluffs of the Mississippi on The Great River Road (IL-100) to Alton, where we'll proceed eastbound on IL-140.


We'll remain eastbound on IL-140 to Vandalia - where we'll proceed eastbound on US-40 to Terre Haute.


Lunch will be either in Vandalia or Effingham - depending on our progress (you cannot starve in either community - and they're only about 40 min. apart).




AGAIN - if you wish to link-up with us any point WEST or EASTBOUND - please PM me as soon as possible. I will be carrying a cell phone with me on this trip and I will check for messages at every stop.


Questions or comments? Please PM me.


Spike, when you set-up individual leg-forums, please feel free to move this thread to "ours".






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Hunter FYI, Ya blocked the rooms for the 28th(Saturday), they honored the discount for Sunday any way, thanks. If a gal behind the counter has a name of Allicia she'll be glad to have me leave. Don't put me on hold by laying the phone down for 15 minutes taking care of the counter and then hang up on me......... :ft See ya in St. Louie.

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Shakey, I hope that McD's parking lot isn't flooded by the time we get there! I knew about IL-100 being flooded. The detours are a mess!


I think we'll still be OK crossing on US-67. The National Weather Service predicts the river's level by Sunday at "only" 2 ft. higher than it was when I took my TC wading last Monday at Alton's Riverfront Park downtown. The river's level is currently about 6" higher than Monday's level. I think they've moved the crest now to Monday. The 67-to-140 intersection should be high-and-dry, anyway.


So again, we'll meet with you at the Alton McD's near the riverfront. Yahoo Maps says it's 45 miles & 52 min. to Alton from Wentzville. I suspect we'll be close to that - I can't believe Sunday AM traffic on I-70 & I-270 is too bad.



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