Local Chapters

Some of The Victory Motorcycle Club’s regions have established Local Chapters. Their contact information is listed below.


To start a new Local Chapter, please contact the Regional Representative for your area listed on the Contact Us page. Or send a PM to Tom Keller (ruitom@yahoo.com) for assistance.

Click here for a map of local chapters.

Great Lakes Region (IL,MI,OH,WI)

Michiana Victory Riders
Michiana Victory Riders FB group
Chapter# 202 
Email: Sam Titus  (abstitus)
  West Michigan Victory Riders
Chapter# 201
Cincinnati Victory Riders Forum page
Cincinnati Victory Riders FB group
email: Bill Schmidt  (wmschmidt1972)
Chapter #108
Northern Illinois Victory Riders Forum page
Northern Illinois Victory Riders FB group
email: Tim Thompson  (sidecar)
Northern Michigan Victory Riders Forum page
Northern Michigan Victory Riders FB page
email: Nick Holton  (2_shoes)
Chapter #71
Wolverine State Victory Riders Forum page
Wolverine State Victory Riders, Victory Motorcycle Club Chapter 16 FB group
email: Harry Crawford  (gadgetguy)
Chapter #16
  Indy Powersports Chapter Forum page
Rob Towner (arcticrob)
Northwest Indiana Chapter Forum page
Indianapolis Chapter Forum page
Terry Clark (pituiterry)
  Badgerland Victory Owners Wisconsin Forum page
Badgerland Victory Owners Wisconsin FB group
email: Richard Ostrowski (Gossamer)
  Central Ohio Victory Riders Forum page
Central Ohio Victory Riders FB page
Rob McCord  (robbrutus)
Victory Riders of the Wabash Valley Chapter Forum page (Indiana)
  Mid-Ohio Victory Riders Forum page
Mid-Ohio Victory Riders FB Group
email: Tim Roberts  (Vic Tim)

Mid-Atlantic Region (DE,DC,KY,MD,VA,WV)

Chesapeake Bay Victory Riders Forum page
Chesapeake Bay Victory Riders FB page
email: Rob Lee  (soonerboy)
Chapter #32
Potomac Victory Riders Forum page (Leonardtown, MD)
email: Jonathan Ness (rollin8ball)
Chapter #60
  Appalachian Victory Riders
Chapter deactivated
Central Virginia Chapter
Chapter deactivated
Derby City Victory Riders Forum page
Derby City Victory Riders FB group
Email: Russell SniffenOur meetings are the 3rd Saturday of the month at 10am at Yamaha of Louisville(our local victory dealer)
Hampton Roads Victory Riders Chapter (Virginia)
Chapter deactivated

North Central Region (IA,MN,ND,NE,SD)

Cedar Valley Victory Riders Forum page
email: Dave Anderson  (DaveInCR)
  Sioux Empire Victory Riders Forum page
Eugene Welch  (SDJackpot)
 civr-logo-patch-copy Central Iowa Victory Riders Forum page
Central Iowa Victory Riders FB page
email: Paul Hohlfeld  (Jackpin)
River Cities Victory Riders Forum page
RCVR FB group
email: Kent Kingston
  Black Hills Victory Riders Chapter Forum Page (Black Hills Area)
Jim Pulaski (01v92sc)
  Platte Valley Victory Riders Forum page
Platte Valley Victory Riders FB group
email: Craig Toupin  (c2pin)

Northeast Region (ME, VT, NH, MA, RI, CT, NY, NJ, PA)

Granite State Chapter Forum page
Granite State Chapter Website
Granite State Chapter of the VMC FB page
Email: Ed Glavin (99Vic)
Massachusetts Bay Victory Riders Forum page
Massachusetts Bay Victory Riders Website
Mass Bay Victory Riders FB page
email: Chapter Information
Keystone Victory Riders (Philadelphia area to the Pocono area)
Jim Seeds (riderseeds)
Lake Erie Freedom Chapter Forum page
Lake Erie Freedom Chapter, the Victory Motorcycle Club FB page
Lake Erie Freedom Chapter, Victory Motorcycles Erie pa
email: Jim Merva (Jim&Lisa)
NYC – Long Island Victory Riders
NYC – Long Island Victory Riders FB page
email: John Burns  (Johns150)
Winding Roads Victory Riders Chapter
email: Jim Kovach (KOY)
Adirondack Victory Riders Forum page (NE New York State)
Adirondack Victory Riders Website
Adirondack Victory Riders FB group
email: Jim Koshar (jkoshar)
  Long River Riders Forum page (CT, RI, MA)
Long River Riders FB group
Email: Rick Burgess (rbugman)
St Lawrence Seaway Chapter #80 Forum page
Northern NY State, along the St. Lawrence River and Northern Lake Ontario.
St Lawrence Seaway Riders group FB page
Email: Michael Ferguson (NNYXC)
Chapter #80
Rollin’ Fast Victory Riders of NJ Chapter
Rollin’ Fast Victory Riders FB page 
email: MJ Fenton (MJ_RDNEKBIKER)
Midway Victory Riders
Midway Victory Riders FB page
Email:Gordon Clogston
  Western Region of New York Forum page
Western Region of New York FB group
Email: Duane Hahn (sirjohn2572)
Chapter #222

Northwest Region (AK, ID, MT, OR, WA, WY)

Inland Northwest Victory Riders Chapter
INVR LC 26 and IN Sheepdogs FB group
Travis Leason


Chapter Dissolved as of 3/31/2020

Yellowstone Valley Victory Riders Chapter
Neal Shelton (king bagger)
Shanghai Victory Riders Chapter
Shanghai Victory Riders FB page
Based:  Greater Vancouver/Portland area, including Southwestern Washington, North and Central Oregon.Meetings are held 2nd Saturday of the month, 9:00 a.m. Bill’s Steak House – 10227 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, Oregon ( .4 miles east of I-205).
email: Steve Ott (VVVegasOTR)
North West Hells Canyon Victory Riders Forum page
NW Hells Canyon FB group
Email: Lee Arnett (Po-Po)
Chapter #103
NW Washington Victory Riders Chapter (WA, Whatcom, Skagit, Snohomish, Island Counties)
NW Washington Victory Riders FB group
Meet on the 2nd Saturday of each month, alternating between Everett and Mount Vernon)
email: Ann Web (NOT2L8)
Chapter #49
Puget Sound Victory Riders (Bremerton and area to include Kitsap, Mason, King, Pierce, Clallam, Jefferson,Grays Harbor, and Thurston counties of WA)
Puget Sound Victory Riders,VMC FB group
George McBride (gmcbride)
Chapter #82
Snake River Victory Riders Chapter (Boise Idaho and area)
Snake River Victory Riders FB group
email: Bob Sargent (Bob5219)
Chapter #79
Willamette Valley Victory Riders
Willamette Valley Victory Riders LC 92 FB  group


Meetings are held the first Saturday of the month at The Hitchin’ Post8046 River Rd NE, Salem, OR 97303

May – September:  9:00 am

Oct – April:  10:00 am

Visit our Facebook page
email: Brandon Smith (Reverend Beavis)

Cascade Victory Riders
Cascade Victory Riders FB group
Meetings: 1st Saturday of each month , location varies. For more information contact RDZ/PAPA or ZZedmonds. Please refer to the Cascade Victory Rider forum on the VMC for the latest information.)
Kelly Pollock (RDZ/PAPA)
Chapter #85
  Columbia Basin Victory Riders Forum page (Pasco, WA)
Columbia Basin Victory Motorcycle Club FB page
email: Steve Scritchfield (Scritch)CHAPTER DISSOLVED DECEMBER 2019

South Central Region (AR, KS, LA, MO, OK,TX)

Gateway Victory Riders Chapter Forum page (St. Louis Metro Area Chapter)
email: Jeremy Paschedag (Bug_Eater)
  NorthEast Texas Chapter
Kevin Barnes (FatDaddy)
  Flint Hills Victory Riders (FHVR) Chapter (Wichita, KS and surrounding area)
Flint Hills Victory Riders FB page
email: Steve Cragen (Hammer62)
Route 66 Victory Riders Chapter
Bud Sayre (bud sayre)
  Oklahoma Victory Riders Chapter (Greater OKC and surrounding areas)
Oklahoma Victory Riders FB group
Brent Preston (tunedup)
Heart Of Texas Victory Riders – deactivated
  Texas Hill Country Victory Riders
Texas Hill Country Victory Riders FB group
email: Scott Naugle (lilcartie)
Great Plains Victory Riders Forum page (Kansas City Area)
Great Plains Victory Riders FB page
email: David Lovell (redvegas93)
  Green Country Victory Riders Chapter (Tulsa, Oklahoma)
GCVR – Green Country Victory Riders FB group
email: Bob Coffin (BCINOK )
Ouachita Victory Riders (OVR) Chapter
email: Douglas Gulley (Pastor1720)
Devils Ice Box Victory Riders (DIBVR) Chapter (Columbia Missouri and surrounding areas)
Devil’s Icebox Victory Riders FB group
Chris Duncan (cdunk1968)
  Ozark Mountain Victory Riders Chapter (Arkansas/Missouri)
Bob Gullett (Bob Gullett)
Bayou City Victory Riders Chapter
Bayou City Victory Riders FB group
J. Peter Henson (chesshiretuna)
  Alamo Victory Riders Chapter
Monte Eubanks (txbanshee)

Southeast Region (AL, FL, GA, MS, NC, SC, TN)

Heart of Dixie Victory Riders Chapter
H.O.D.V.R FB group
Karen Rogers (Victory Chick)
Chapter #31
  Triangle Victory Riders Chapter
Vincent Doxbeck (Vin44)
  Southern Comfort Victory Riders Chapter (Georgia chapter)
SOCVR Website
Southern Comfort Victory Riders FB group
Mike Pearce
  Piedmont Victory Riders Chapter (High Point, NC Area)
Piedmont Victory Riders FB group
email: Barry Easter (easter)
  Concord Victory Riders Chapter (Concord, N.C. Area)
Concord Victory Riders FB group
Barry Bruce (BearB413)
Chapter #83
Low Country Victory Riders (Inactive)
Vohn Busby
  Greater Orlando Victory Riders (Orlando, FL)
Greater Orlando Victory Riders FB group
Carlos E Gautier (Cgautier)
Chapter #88
  Dragon Victory Riders Chapter (Knoxville, TN Area)
Dragon Victory Riders FB group
email: Ron Shelato (Candyman)
  Carolinas Chapter (North & South Carolina)
Pete Lovell (JPL057)
  Performance Victory Riders Of Georgia Chapter (Atlanta, GA Area)
Mike Pearce (JETHRO)
  NashVegas Victory Riders Chapter (Nashville Area)
NashVegas Victory Riders FB group
Ken Beeler (Quetzal)
Blues City Victory Riders Chapter (Memphis, TN Area)
Blues City Victory Riders FB group
email: Rob Bizzle (rocketo)
Chapter #35
Coast2Coast Riders Chapter (Gainesville, FL Area)
Coast2Coast Riders Website
Coast2CoastRiders FB page
Wayne Fox (shendo)
Chapter #76
Blue Ridge Victory Riders Forum page (Asheville NC)
Blue Ridge Victory Riders FB page
email: Steve Domagala (ncstedo)
  Bootlegg’n Victory Riders
Bootlegg’n Victory Riders FB page
Michael L Cox (Big Mike C)
Hurricane Alley Victory Riders Chapter (Florida)
Hurricane Alley Victory Riders FB page
email: Drew Humphries (victripper)
  Victory Riders of South Florida Chapter
Victory Riders of South Florida FB page
Rick Kehoe (greenflash)
  Dixie Krewe Victory Riders Chapter (Mobile, AL Area)
Dixie Kreme Victory Riders FB page
Scott Brookerd (Bucket)

SouthWest Region (AZ, CA, CO, NV, NM, UT, HI)

Wasatch Victory Riders Chapter (Salt Lake City, UT)
Wasatch Victory Riders Website
Wasatch Victory Riders FB page
Randy Loosle (UTJackpot)
Los Viejos Victory Riders Chapter (California)
Los Viejos Victory Riders FB page
Ron Whitaker (Capt. Winkie)
Palmer Divide Victory Riders (Castle Rock, CO.)
Palmer Divide Victory Riders Website
Palmer Divide Moto Riders FB page
Daren Fields (Dfields)
Sin City Victory Riders Chapter (Las Vegas, NV)
Sin City Victory Riders FB page
email: Steve Goe (sgoe02)
Lost Coast Riders Motorcycle Club (San Francisco Bay Area)
Jack Stevenson (Chefof1800cc)
  Comstock Victory Riders, Reno NV
Comstock Victory Riders FB page
email: Craig Beede (cabd)
Southern San Joaquin Victory Riders Chapter (Bakersfield, CA)
The Southern San Joaquin Victory Riders FB page
email: Darren Bliss (Blister)
Great Salt Lake Victory Riders FB friend page
email: Joey Latimer (HRDBALL)
Prescott Victory Riders Chapter Forum page (Prescott, AZ)
Prescott Valley Victory Riders FB page
email: Rick Gunder (Bearcat)
Greater Los Angeles Chapter (California)
email: Kevin Shaw (Drnoleak)
Valley of the Sun Victory Riders Forum page (Maricopa County, AZ)
Valley of the Sun Victory Riders FB page
email: Tom Crow (vindex1963)

International Chapters

  Southern England Victory Riders (S.E.V.R.)
John Enderby (Lurch)Sioux Empire Victory Riders
  Victory Motorcycle Riders Germany
Uwe Günter (Uwe)
  Victory Riders Luxembourg
Victory Riders Luxembourg FB page
Fränz Hauschild (Motofrize)
  Belgium Victory Custom Chapter (BVCC)
BVCC – Belgium Victory Custom Club – VMC LC 107
Chapter #107Lady Victory Rider
  Southern Ontario Victory Riders Chapter (SOVR) (Hamilton Area Ontario / Canada)
Steven Sartor (SSartor)
  Victory Riders Russia
Victory Riders Russia FB page
Andrey Pak (Pakand)
  Pure Freedom Victory Riders Chapter (PFVRC) (Auckland New Zealand)
Dave Flett (AD345)