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  3. Welcome leg 6 riders! The Tennessee crew made it up and even beat the leg 5 guys to the hotel. Will get a good count on the bikes in the morning as we have a couple showing up then.
  4. We are a week away - I’m so excited to ride with and see all of you!!! There will be 23 of us for dinner. Nice group! Some are coming from the east coast and may not see this post - apologies in advance for that. The ride from Springville UT to Ely will have 14 - 16 bikes with a total of 16 people on bikes and two vehicles containing 3 driver/passengers. Due to the size of the group, we will follow group riding protocols. Trikes/3 wheelers to the back with the exception of my sweep rider - Randy Couch. Cages behind the sweep. Speed will be no more than 5 or so over depending on the road and conditions. There will be some slab riding and we might do a little more than the 5 - but not much. There will be a ride safety meeting before we depart the hotel in Springville. I will also share route maps just in case anyone gets separated. However, if we do get separated, we will either slow and wait and pull over and wait. I will do my best to ensure we don’t make a road/direction change until we are all together however, there may be a bit of congestion getting out of the hotel and on to our true route. Thus, the maps to make sure everyone gets caught back up. There are to be 2 ’true' stops not including the end stop. Distance to first gas stop will be 116. Distance to 2nd gas stop will be 93. Here we will have lunch and a surprise mini stop. My guess is around 11:30/12pm for lunch. Longest leg of the route will be the last one at 119 miles. Total miles for this leg will be 328. We will depart the hotel at 8am. This should put us in to Ely between 3pm - 4pm local time with dinner at 5pm. For those staying at the Jailhouse in Ely - please be sure you have a room booked in your name. I had blocked some rooms but I released the ‘extras’ back to the hotel today. I’m hoping no-one booked one of the rooms I had blocked and left it in my name. Note, some of you like Hotel Nevada and if that is where you choose to stay - that is fine. The hotels are across the street from each other. Both have bars and gambling! 🙂 For those not familiar with Nevada - it is legal to walk down the street with a drink. It is not legal to stumble drunk in public. I’ve never seen anyone arrested for walking around drunk and stumbling but I know it is a law on the books. Just some odd trivia for ya! For Nardi’s - for dinner - I’ve already arranged for all food based on your feedback. It will be brisket and ribs with Mac and bean sides and green salad. I went with majority rules. Don’t worry - you’ll like the food. Once I have the actual total per person I’ll let you know what it is. Last estimate was $21.95 per person but I’m not sure if that is with tax. I’ll cover the tip myself. We will pass by Nardi’s on our way to the hotel on the right not far past the traffic light.. I’ll point it out for those that have never been there. For those coming in from the west, the restaurant is past the hotel, will be on your left and is before you hit the block light. By the way - for those that have been to Ely before - the light between the Jailhouse and Hotel Nevada is gone. I don’t even think it is a stop sign. I’m really looking forward to seeing old faces and meeting some new ones!! Till next Saturday!!! Donna aka Tyrant Leg 11 Ride Captain
  5. Baton hand off, end of leg 3, Gene Hunt to leg 4, Jeff Klaene.
  6. Back home in Virginia I’d like to Thank Vivian for letting me lead Legs 2 and 3. And I’d like to Thank all the riders for making this such a nice ride it was fun for me because we had such a nice group. Fred it was nice seeing you again, it’s been too long, hope to see more of you in the future Thanks for getting the group to Frederick. Jason and Kay nice having such a fun couple on the ride. Dave you are an interesting person enjoyed your stories, your excellent maneuvering of the Vision with trailer but next time put some beer in it -lol. Jeff so nice to meet you and loved your V92, maybe we’ll get together for some rides in Virginia, Tim(Ichi) great seeing you again and amazed at you enjoying that Hammer on the ride, great talking with you about old times and the VMC, Kevin glad you were able to join us and so nice to see your traveling companion again, Jeffery hope you had a good time and if you guys get something going in Ohio this year hope I get an invite. Lastly nice to see Wayne Sr bummed I did not get to see Jr but enjoyed talking with his brother Doug, another tall drink of water with a matching Cross Country. Brian and John nice seeing you again maybe some year you’ll join me on the 2 legs I do. Jeff Superman hope your ride went off well today, nice meeting you. As always the V2V is a great event and I’m honored to be a part of it. - Gene, still Charter member #166
  7. Last week
  8. Leg 3 is in the book, good ride, 3 cross county’s, 2 vision’s,1 hammer. No problems, I near miss when a lady pullled out in front of us the XCT brakes worked well and the 2 second gap between bikes served us well. Good lunch a Mr Lee’s in Cambridge. It was my honor to serve as Leg Captain. - Gene
  9. Paul, et. al.: I have tested positive for the China Virus today and will not be on leg 8 with you. Hopefully I will recover enough to wave at you when you go through Greeley on leg 9.
  10. Lowell, Paul, et. al.: I have tested positive for the China Virus today and will not be on leg 7 with you. Michel
  11. I went over our route again and if leaving at 9am it showed it would be almost 6 pm when we got to the hotel. So I took out a picture stop (a boat ramp on the river) and moved the start time to 0830 and that puts our arrival time closer to 5 pm. Altogether it is 312 miles and 8.5 hours start to finish and I'm assuming it's with the layover times I have in the route, an hour for lunch, 30 minutes at the war memorial and 15-20 minutes at gas stops. I have printouts of the route directions, don't think we will leave anyone behind as we will mostly be on a 2 lane highway once we are on 94. Other than that, can't think of anything else at the moment until Sunday night at dinner.
  12. Thanks everyone for posting this wonderful pictures. Let me live the journey too, who am very very far from you. But with thought I am there with you. Thanks. Very proud of this.
  13. Many years ago Lt Dann and Keith led a group of us under this Ramada while sought shelter from the rain Back in somewhat Familia territory
  14. Good ride yesterday after we got out of the wet stuff, good lunch, nice visit to Flight 93, and the two toll houses
  15. Have a safe trip tomorrow guys! Can't wait to watch you roll in Sunday night in Collinsville IL!
  16. More from leg 1. A little damp at the end but made it safe.
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