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    The second running of the V2E (European equivalent of the US V2V) will start in Friuli, Italy on 30 June 2023 and run through Italy, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, France, Belgium, Netherlands, NE England, and finish in Scotland on 12 July 2023. Details will be published in due course.
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  4. The 3rd Annual Frank (JETSN) Gary Memorial Ride for 2022 will once again meet on the north side of 89A at the Granite Dells Parkway exit. Sunday, Oct 2nd, ride brief at 9:20, KSU at 9:30...😎 The ride will end this year at Prescott Junction on Sheldon.
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  6. Looks like a great event, and thanks for posting the pics…..it helps those of us who weren’t there to feel connected. Everyone I have spoken to who was there said they had a fantastic time. Needless to say, these events don’t just “happen” and I know there is a tremendous amount of work which goes on for months in planning, stressful days and probably sleepless nights. I take my hat off to Steve Domagala and his team for stepping up to the plate again this year. Well done Steve.
  7. Some of us didn't get home until Wednesday and then you hit the ground running to take care of things, no time for computer. We didn't have anyone designated for pictures, so it is just a collection of what I have been able to get people to send me. I didn't take many myself.
  8. Ohhh Finally!! Great, thanks Anthony, I really appreciate, I was very curious " to see the photos of the National event. Just ride dammit. Enjoy your Vic Ride
  9. Me too…..wasn’t this one of the major events in the calendar, with considerable funding from Members money? Surely we should see more than six photos, and of those six only one showed any bikes, and a second showed (three) members. Come on - share the excitement with the rest of us!
  10. Hi all. Want to see some pics about this event. Pres, Are there any photos coming soon?
  11. Big thank you to Steve for hosting this gathering. Very”curvascious” riding. Craig Stapleton, RR, gets a big applause for road captain two days. Tony followed as well. these are the few pics I have. I rode in a smaller group.
  12. Hello Kram Simply Wonderful. Congratulations to all of you for the beautiful initiative. Can't wait to see photos of the next event keep us informed Thank you Greetings from ITALY LC FRIULI
  13. Hi all as President of Pure Freedom Victory Riders New Zealand I am now involved in the organization of our charity event here in Christchurch. At a recent meeting with the other organizers I was presented with a picture book that was made up of last year's event. Here is a picture of some members who was on this run. This year is going to be a bigger event with a bigger ride around the suburbs so people can see what bikes do for their community's there is going to be bigger prices and give aways for the people that are on the ride so looking forward to this day.
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  15. I’m looking for anyone to share a “2 queen beds” room Friday and Saturday nights. (Possibly Thursday night also). Trying to keep cost down coming from Montana. Reply to my email, robsabtre@yahoo.com. Pops. Thanks
  16. I’m not a pizza fan but it really was pretty good! We devoured just over 8 of the 9.
  17. Cannot imagine being treated that way at CB, glad pizza hut came through for you.
  18. For those that were in Springville UT (legs 10 - 11) and felt the aggravation we went through trying to enjoy dinner, see the below two reviews I posted to Yelp. Hopefully I properly captured the 'mood'. Cracker Barrel If we could give less than 1 star we would. On Friday, July 1st, I was part of a group of 20 motorcyclists passing through Springville, UT and staying at the Days Inn across the parking lot from this location. Due to the size of our group we tried to make a reservation for 6:30pm out of courtesy only to be advised CB wouldn't do a reservation - we had to just show up and give our name. We arrived at 6:30pm and gave our name and were told it would be a 45 minute (or so) wait - we moved outside and began our wait. After close to an hour, and watching many small groups come and get seated, I went to ask how much longer. At that point I was advised the manager had just told them not to seat anyone else and it was doubtful they would be able to seat us even if we waited another hour. We had sat there waiting an hour - they had my phone number - and we only found out because I stepped up to ask. Add to that, the manager would not come out to talk with me when I asked to speak with him/her. So, now it is 7:30pm and we have no place to go as we don't know the area and no one wanted to go gear up and try to find someplace else that could accommodate our group after already riding all day in heat and rain as we came from Las Vegas and Colorado. And we were starving. I think Cracker Barrel lost the future patronage of each of us not to mention the people that could see/hear what had happened to us were pretty disappointed with the poor treatment of us that they were witnessing. I get that we are living in trying times - I DON'T understand treating customers in such a poor manner. Pizza Hut On July 1st I was part of a group of 20 motorcycle riders coming in from Colorado and up from Southern Nevada/Northern Arizona. After rain for one group and heat for the other - we arrived hungry! We were staying at the Days Inn across the parking lot from Cracker Barrel and had planned our dinner at 6:30 there. After putting our name on their list and waiting an hour at CB we were advised they wouldn't seat us after all. At a loss, first thought was pizza. Called this Pizza Hut at 7:30 (close is 8apm) and asked them to make 9 pizzas. No hesitation. They made us all 9 pies and didn't skimp. Pies were delicious. Staff was very accommodating and kind. Cannot thank the staff for saving us from having to find someplace else so late in the evening in an area none of us are familiar with. You guys rock! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
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    Monthly PVR Meeting


    The Gold Wing trike at the end wasn't part of the PVR. 3 Vics, a Harley w/side car, & a gorgeous Indian Challenger!! ? Ride Safe, Ride Often!!
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    Please post the pics here, at hour clubhouse. Thank you
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