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  1. Fellow Victory Riders It is time to start preparations for V2V 2021! The VMC board of directors agreed to explore interest in the event this year. As you know, the 2020 V2V was canceled due to the pandemic. This historic event will require many volunteers, planning, and organization, especially with COVID-19 concerns and limitations. I am honored to be one of the coordinators this year. Tony Schleisman, aka rufun2sun, from Ottumwa, IA has also volunteered. If there are enough volunteer leg captains, then we will proceed with planning this event. Leg captains are responsible for p
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    We start in Ontario, Ca. 10 days later we are mission complete in Arlington, Va. This Run was started in 1998 by a couple Vietnam Veterans to raise awareness of our POWs/ MIAs. As of Jan 5th, 2019 there were 82,147 (from all US conflicts since WW2) soles who's families have no closure on. All they know for sure is that their Loved One went to war and never returned. You can do one day or as many as you want, more info is available at RFTW.US... WE RIDE FOR THOSE WHO CAN"T!!
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  3. Need leg Captains for legs 1-3, and 11-13. 6-10 are taken care of. East and West coast riders, We need you to step up.
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  4. Merry Christmas from ITALY "LC FRIULI" to all of you and your FAMILY Be safe, see you on the road with our beloved VICTORY.
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  5. Is there going to be a parking area for those of us that are staying someplace else? We have a condo and will be staying there as opposed to staying at the Nugget.
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