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  1. are they having used parts table area to sell unwanted victory partsa.they going to have a swap/ used parts table area to sell stuff ,!!!!
  2. when's this camp ground open?? Thursday night or Friday or Saturday??????
  3. well it's November an no new information!!!!! VOTE BLUE
  4. get info so we can book it !! thanks ,can't wait
  5. patience yes but sad , in the day, it use to be announced after the dinner at national meet! oh well guess better late than never!!!
  6. Will there be a area to sell used victory parts???
  7. why is it NOT listed on upcoming events??! or on the event calendar????
  8. no problem !that's why management should get this set up i would love to make as many as I can ever year! be they Vmc funded or not!! if they bring victory riders together in all for them!!!!!!
  9. an your point is!!!! so if I'm a Vmc member you don't want the there!!! the S.E. holds an event in Georgia that's not a Vmc event ! should I not to to that????
  10. why not get management get together with all the regional reps an discuss dates for events an then gets those days set for years out.? this way open dates can be used for other moving date events?
  11. national vr s Tennessee! n.c. vrs Rocky mountain =what s next!!
  12. time for someone to make a list on here for Vmc events in 2018!!!!!! thanks
  13. people want to know when u r going to get the registration for the meet up an running?????
  14. ya back in the day i was pulling a trailer over it an the only lane that was open was the steel grate one !! omg it was scary
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