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  1. I have a cabin reserved and I will not be able to attend. I'll be releasing it today....
  2. ncstedo is updating the original post at the top of this page when new information is available. I'm pretty certain they will post a link when it is active....Stay tuned.....
  3. The Victory Highway was a great ride, the many times I rode the V2V. I hope we don't get away from the original intent of this event......but since I'm all but done volunteering y'all do what you do and I'll stay in my lane, literally and figuratively Ride safe boys and girls
  4. That is correct and the membership number is immediately assigned when you join.
  5. That, my friend, is organization. My plan is ride till I need gas and repeat.....LOL
  6. Sad to see nothing has changed. Not 1 post from anyone who went. Bet there are tons on Facebook. I guess everyone had a blast but who would know.
  7. The total attendance was 199 at my last count
  8. We will take care of this. Her forum name is?
  9. Ride safe... I'm going to try to meet you for lunch
  10. Oh the memories of V2V's past on that ferry. Ride safe
  11. Forgot about SPOT. Don't know how as I donated it but......old I guess. You have a PM
  12. I will be meeting you someplace. If you have some approximate times you will hit the gorge overlook and/or the Flight 93 Memorial I will try to meet up with you. If not I will see you in Uniontown.
  13. Well......I was going to ride the whole thing this year but my pal talked Grandpop into going to Gettysburg for the reenactment July 5-7
  14. Keep me in your loop. I may meet you on the way......
  15. 2013 was one of the top events I have ever attended. The landscape and roads are outstanding
  16. T'was a beauty of an event. Thanks Granite State Chapter!!!!!
  17. There were some statements made at the Saturday night dinner that should not have been made public. Please disregard any 2019 National Meet announcements until the Events Committee makes an official statement
  18. You should be able to pick it up pretty cheap....he does play for the Lions.....
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