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  1. I will be finalizing the route on Monday and will post when finalized. This is going to be about a 6 1/2 hour ride. Kickstands up at 8am sharp. Lunch at Trumbauers Motorsports from 11-noon. Kickstands up at 12:00 sharp.
  2. Hotel Information for Leg 2 Quality Inn (MD179) 1542 Whitehall Rd., Annapolis, MD, US, 21409 Phone: (410) 974-4440 Fax: (410) 757-6419 Choice Hotels.com $119 Plus taxes I have some extra rooms reserved. Please let me know if the hotel fills up. You can have one of those.
  3. I thought about a t shirt. If you do the tags I would print them front and back also so when they gt turned around, like thy always do, we can read them.
  4. Sounds like you had a great event Tom. Very nice to hear that Mr Blackwell made the event. After talking to some folks at the AVR and learning this it seems that Corporate is really ready to jump on board with us and help us help them to promote Victory. Sorry I couldn't make this one. Congrats on a successful meet.
  5. In Billings. Hard hard hard rain and passing a MT State Trooper in an unmarked car at 90 were the only notable parts. He looked at me and gave me the "V" salute. Smiles. Smiles and Smiles for the nex couple of weeks.
  6. Left Li'l Sturgis this morning. Made it to Sauk Centre MN. 10 hr seat time today and tomorrow. Meet Dawn in Billings tomorrow night. I'm stoked.
  7. Leaving on the 25th. Hitting Little Sturgis on the way. I am like a kid on Christmas eve.
  8. I know of 2 rooms available. PM me for details.....
  9. Got all excited going thru the pictures from the last ride up Lolo Pass. Is it time yet???
  10. I couldn't wait to get this beauty on the Vision. Almost forget the Locktite I was so eager but don't want it to be sitting along side the road. If you look close you can see Mrs Bubble in the background just as excited as I am.........Well........maybe not.... Great quality, care and craftsmanship went into this immaculate piece. The detail is second to none and the show chrome......speechless. Thanks Will for another reason to wash my bike every day.........
  11. Go to the mailbox this morning and what do I see???? A great birthday present to myself from CycleOps!!!! I eagerly open the package and inside is an insanely protected and carefully packaged very shiny clutch arm cover. I don't even want to touch it with my bare fingers. Can't wait to install it this afternoon......
  12. I will not be able to make the meet. I have a Junior Suite if someone wants it when I cancel. I will be cancelling on the 29th unless someone grabs it earlier.
  13. If you can tell me where and when, within reason, you will be having lunch I will meet you and ride with you for a while. I can not meet you in Delaware as I have to work tonight, 6p - 6a, and I can not go to Hyde Park as I have to work Wednesday, 6a - 6p, but I would like to ride a little of the V2V with you guys.
  14. Do you know where you are having lunch and what route you will be taking? I may try to meet you.
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