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  1. Sounds like you had a great event Tom.


    Very nice to hear that Mr Blackwell made the event. After talking to some folks at the AVR and learning this it seems that Corporate is really ready to jump on board with us and help us help them to promote Victory.


    Sorry I couldn't make this one.


    Congrats on a successful meet.



  2. I couldn't wait to get this beauty on the Vision. Almost forget the Locktite I was so eager but don't want it to be sitting along side the road.


    If you look close you can see Mrs Bubble in the background just as excited as I am.........Well........maybe not....


    Great quality, care and craftsmanship went into this immaculate piece. The detail is second to none and the show chrome......speechless.


    Thanks Will for another reason to wash my bike every day.........



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