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  1. Thanks for pictures good reminder of the fun we had
  2. Just looked at pictures from 20th V2V, they’re all great big thanks to all leg Capts and organizer !! especially our leg capt’s legs 10-13 excellent routes and accommodations. Trish and I loved the rides and were happy to meet new friends and visit with family (old friends)
  3. Thanks again for daily posts, very nice to see how the ride is going. Thanks Graham, super job on legs 4&5. Trish and I had great time was nice to see old friends and make new ones
  4. Good pictures great time. Thanks to Coopers job well done
  5. My wife and I are considering ride from Heber city to Craig do you have a route
  6. have grandkids all day so won't make it to Limon, wife and I will try dinner. We will be making the ride to Craig and Park City then return thru Craig on Thursday?
  7. Your choice, great company and ride. We had a blast. It was nice to see old friends and meet new ones
  8. Wife and I wouldn't miss it, Craig to ?. The big question is how many people will stay at the Hampton
  9. Patti and Tom you guys made Trish and I feel welcome to the Victory family missed you in Craig at the Bear Valley Motel. Hope to keep all your hard work going. You set the trail for us. Can't thank you enough. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Good luck to you always.
  10. Booked room at Comfort Inn 1 building north of Days inn. That way I can have a beer at Rockyard. We can get off to a leisurely start. Hope we don't have tire issuers like last year
  11. Cool we'll probably stay at Days Inn can't miss the start that way. Besides keeps stress down. I'll post when I know for sure
  12. Cool we'll probably stay at Days Inn can't miss the start that way. Besides keeps stress down. I'll post when I know for sure
  13. John room booked in Craig. Wife and I will be glad to see u again. trying to figure out Castle Rock
  14. Hey John, got an email about c-vra on my iPhone but I lost it before I could read it could you resend to thshrk@hotmail.com
  15. my wife and I have tried several times to meet group coming from Wilson in Limon, watching spot. We always miss them. not sure if we'll try this year or just meet at hotel or Rockyard. Doesn't look like anybody staying at hotel though.
  16. ok room booked in Castle rock but not at Days inn, the bldg. south Comfort inn. We may try and track"spot" and meet the Kansas people enroute. If we miss you we'll look for you in parking lot like previous years.
  17. Thanks, Wife and I will try and catch you on road to Castle Rock, we live in Denver trying to make it easy on us for morning when we head to Craig. 1st year we participated we missed the group leaving Castle Rock got lucky and caught them at Bufalo Bills Grave probably couldn't duplicate
  18. Psimpson, did u book a room in Castle Rock, and if u don't mind where
  19. Patti we missed you and Tom in Craig and Castle Rock. My wife and I truely appreciate all your hard work and making us feel welcome at our first V2V. Each year has been an adventure including the scuba year over Rabit ears Pass. Thanks again for all your hard work and good luck to you
  20. PATTI, Trish and I will see u somewhere in Colorado, reservations made in Castle Rock and Craig. Has anyone heard from GRDOG, is he riding
  21. popa top, Trish and I will meet u probably in Limon, stay in Castle Rock, go to Craig and then ride a little in Utah then head home. reservations are made. Excited as usual about chance to ride with you folks
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