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  1. Ok I'd like to revive this thread in light of recent announcements. I know everyone says, "well someone needs to step up..." and I tried. But I'll be damned if I'm going to put money, time, and effort into making a great rally up in Spirit Lake only to have those cock snot mother fuckers turn the weekend into an Indian and Slingshot rally. So I say to hell with it, I'm out. BUT, as a club I think we should still look at another national level event, just keep it far away from anything Polaris. We have a VMC National Meet that varies time and location depending on the LC that hosts it. How about a VMC Annual Rally same place, same weekend to go along with it? I'm thinking it should be centrally located with great riding. The Ozarks is the first thing to come to mind but CO might be another option. It shouldn't be a duplicate of the National Meet, we don't need two expensive hotel conference room gatherings, let's get outside the box and do something very different. Like reserving space at a park and have a party catered, everybody reserve your own rooms. Weekend activities could include a day at a water park or a large group river float. Something that requires less organization, less funds, but be another annual option for us to get together.
  2. Hey. Myself and a fellow CIVR member apparently simultaneously have started to look into creating a new Spirit Lake event similar to the old AVR. A couple emails have been sent to the events committee with ideas, one for a campground event and one for a dinner / party, either or both of which coincide with the Boji Bike Rally which itself is the third weekend of August, weekend after Sturgis, same place same date as the old AVR. It was wisely suggested that the conversation take place here less someone get all butt hurt that a conversation happened about doing something fun and great for the club and it wasn't posted up here for everyone to shit on, I mean for everyone to see so nobody freaks out about back room closed door politicking. So here it is, at least two of us are trying to step up and create a new VMC annual event. It takes time to collect bids and submit a proposal but we're trying and you heard it here first. Suggestions are welcomed. Bob
  3. I was going to guess Algona.
  4. Is there an option for us to eat with the group and skip the trinket bags? 190 dollars is awefully steep for one couple that doesn't care much for swag...
  5. We're going out a couple days early to spend some time at Estes. Can't wait!
  6. We're going to spend a couple days in Estes Park before Ft. Collins.
  7. Des Moines to Brisbane round trip = 2500. Hmmmmmmmmm
  8. I tried to use vmcweb and I got a "sorry invalid coupon code" message. Any update? edit: I also tried goldvog, it accepted the code but didn't discount the brake pads... edit II: It's only six bucks. Thanks for doing all those videos!
  9. Seriously considering heading to Fayetteville AR for the BIkesBluesandBBQ rally and camping for a couple days if anyone else is interested. Sept 28, 29 http://www.bikesbluesandbbq.org/
  10. 69, 71, and 169 would all be good options.
  11. T- shirts would ( could ) be cool, but I wonder if the IBA would take issue with any trademark logo issues of a t-shirt design. I'd kinda like a t-shirt that says something like, " I did the inaugural VMC Iron Butt ride to Spirit Lake, 6-7-12, and I didn't get my stupid friends any damn souvenirs 'cause they're pussies and can't ride that far!"
  12. Hey Jon, just wanted to clarify something, in your blog your saying the Lyndalls will have more dust but in their synopsis on your website they claim no dust. I'll be replacing both front and rear on an 07 KP that currently has stock front and EBC rear. I'm happy with the performance but the dust sucks. Will the Lundalls be just as dusty as the EBCs?
  13. June is peak season for hotel rooms in the are. I suggest since we're getting started early with this, as soon as the date is announced we get a head count and I'd volunteer to see what kind of group rate we can get.
  14. Something else some of us in these parts may want to consider. June 17 is fathers day ( sacred ) which is also Awesome Biker Nights weekend in Sioux City, which is also usually the NC meet. This could be a conflict for some, or a Friday night in Spirit Lake, a relaxing ride to Sioux City and a Sat night party there might be a perfect combo for others.
  15. I should add too now that I received the part, I ordered the part somewhere in the 4-5:00 hour CST. Pacific time they're two hours behind me, and they got it out same day. Part ordered from Cali to part received in Des Moines three business days.
  16. Just an FYI to my fellow members...Tomahawk/Outlaw (not sure the dif) made very generous donations to the VMC for the raffle at the AVR which allowed us to raise a lot of money to donate to the Wounded Warriors project. I'm making it a personal goal to buy something this year from every vendor that made donations and urge my brethren to join me!
  17. Great news! Would like more details so we can fantasize about going all Jack Ruby on the perps ass!
  18. Looks great! Now if only the oil cooler would fit inside it...
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