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  1. Looks like the 2021 V2V is off to a great start!! Jim
  2. I am planning on riding from the Albany, NY area. I have not planned my route yet, but I am planning on completing the ride each way in 3 days so that I can have more time in the Las Vegas area. They will be long riding days:) Jim
  3. Stewarts X 13 9am Depart 9:30.
  4. Rally Point Mobil Rte 7 just west Northway Exit 6 at 10:00, KSU 10:30 am.
  5. Sorry for the late notice again, but these early rides can really be influenced by the weather. That being said, I will be leading a ride starting from the Stewart’s (#205) at Exit 13 of the Northway (2951 Route 9, Ballston Spa, NY) at 11:30 AM with kick stands up at 12:00 PM. The ride will be between 140 and 167 miles depending on some of the options. It will head out west route 29 to Herkimer, south to Richfield Springs, following route 20 back east. Please find the rides attached. I look forward to riding with you!!! Jim Ride Safe! Best regards, Jim Koshar
  6. I am looking forward to seeing everyone there!! This year's group is doing a GREAT JOB! Say thank you to them. THANK YOU!!!!!!! Jim
  7. If Vivian is good with this, I can get it out this evening. Jim
  8. Do you want an email to go out to the membership? If so, just provide the text and I can get it out fairly quickly. Jim
  9. The Adirondack Victory Riders monthly meeting will be held at The Mill in Round Lake, NY on Wednesday, February 19, 2020. This months meeting will have some safety discussion and videos as well as additional planning for our rides and additional activities for this year.
  10. Please follow the directions on the website. They are pretty specific. The big part is that you need to make sure that you are speaking with the local hotel and not the national reservation system to get the discounted rate. The instructions for the hotel are on Accommodations page of the website. The link below will take you directly there: https://eventsthevmcnationalmeet2020.wordpress.com/lodging-and-camping/ Jim
  11. To be honest, for the 2019 National Meet the highest click rate came from the emails. The click rate was pretty evenly split between the VMC website and Facebook. The 2019 Meet was posted on the VMC website 7 times. It was posted on Facebook 24 times in several different groups and pages (total posting was 144 postings). I believe it is because the members that participate more in events still come to the site for the information. Jim
  12. The 2020 VMC National Meet will be held in Johnson City, Tennessee August 27, 2020 to August 30, 2020. I look forward to seeing all of you there! It is going to be a great event. Please click the following link for more information: https://eventsthevmcnationalmeet2020.wordpress.com Jim
  13. It is being worked on. It always takes longer to put together than expected. It will most likely take a few more weeks. I am looking forward to signing up as well. Jim
  14. It had nothing to do with the capability of the group to host the event. It also did not have anything to do with style. I have been on the Events Committee for several years at this point. The information provided in the proposal was incomplete. Several years of proposals were sent to your group to view so that you should be aware of the information that would be asked. We were just asking for additional information. The replies obviously had an unfortunate attitude. At that point multiple people on the Events Committee tried to reach out to have a call. We received no reply except that the group was no longer interested. I had an extended conversation with Lowel and Vivian while I was on the V2V. Unfortunately, there was a lot of miscommunication. It is unfortunate that the group would no longer be interested. It is also too bad you did not make this years event. You would have had a great time. A great group of VMC members attended. The feedback has been great so far. Jim
  15. I have the attendance data from 2013 forward. I will work up a post at some point. I will also have this this years get the information together for the contests for posting and posterity. I don't know off of the top of my head. I missed the announcement doing other things. The think farthest away of someone i spoke with was somewhere in Texas. Jim
  16. The total attendance was 244. The 199 was the count in the banquet room at the time of the live VMC business (motion and vote). 248 meals were served at the banquet. Jim
  17. Mike, Sorry to hear that you won't be able to make it as well as well as why. Those storms are never good and hard to predict where the storm will hit the hardest. I hope everything ends OK. I have passed the information on to the hosting group. I know that quite a bit of the money has been spent or ordered already. Jim
  18. Come join others that have already registered. So far people from 18 states in the US and 2 Canadian provinces have signed up from as far away as Florida to the south and Texas from the west. While not everyone that is in the VMC is in a chapter (nor is it required in any way) 22 chapters are represented so far. THIS IS THE LAST DAY TO REGISTER to receive early registration discount pricing for the registration for the 2019 VMC National Meet. ONLY A SHORT TIME LEFT! One of the great benefits of the VMC are the events that are sponsored regionally and nationally. People always ask what are the benefits of the VMC. For me, it is the amazingly nice people that I have become friends with at every level - locally, regionally, and nationally. The neat thing is they have the same interest as me. They are not just nodding their head like someone that is not interested in Victory Motorcycles. The Adirondack Victory Riders have been pre-riding the routes planned by none other than Tony Capt. Cupcake Parente. We've been having a great time planning and riding. The Great Escape Lodge is also filling up rooms and coming close to capacity, so we will probably be booking into the overflow hotel soon. If you have not yet done so, I would suggest booking your rooms to make sure you're a part of the party. The early registration discount is getting close ending on August 5, 2019. Looking forward to seeing you all there. Ride on and ride safe everyone. Ride Safe!! https://eventsthevmcnationalmeet2019.wordpress.com
  19. Gene, Thank you for organizing this event. I know that it takes a lot of work to make the event run smoothly. I had a great time on Legs 2 and 3. I only wish I had more time available to ride the whole V2V. It si great to meet other VMC members as well as see 'old' friends. It always amazes me how nice the VMC members are that come to these events. Those of you who are not participating in the event are truly missing out. Jim
  20. For the VMC members that will be attending Americade this coming week, the Adirondack Victory Riders would like to invite you to a ride on Saturday, June 8, 2019. The ride will lead by non other than Captain Cupcake. He had planned a great ride starting from Gift World at the intersection of US 9 & RT9N (Exit 21) at 10:00 am with kickstands up at 0:30 am. The ride is 152 with an approximate ride time of 4 1/4 hours with a total time with stops of approximately 6.5 hours. Tony is the Ride Committee Chairperson for the Adirondack Victory Riders as well as the NE #1. When Tony plans and leads a ride it is legendarily great. This will be a great ride with some great people. We look forward to seeing you on the ride!! Jim
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