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  1. The January 2017 Rider Magazine has an article related to the the Motorcycle Relief Project. This was the charity for the 2016 National Meet held in Fort Collins, CO. The Palmer Divide Victory Riders did a great job of raising funds for the charity for the event. Clement Salvatore road along with the group for the week and was present during the presentation of the $19,000 check to the charity. We are mentioned in the article. The article is not on line at this point, but should be within the next month or so. While he did get our name incorrect - it was nice to see that there was some recognition! Jim
  2. Just a quick note. The December 2015 Rider Magazine had a brief mention of the 2014 National Meet held at Hunter Mountain in New York. Below is a link to the article that not only mentions us (sort of), but also includes pictures of some of the Victory motorcycles in the area during the meet. http://ridermagazine.com/2015/12/31/camping-in-the-new-york-catskills/ Jim
  3. The registration site for the 2017 National Meet up and running. Please click on the link below for information and to register. It is going to be a great time!!! https://eventsthevmcnationalmeet2017.wordpress.com Jim
  4. Here's more information: https://eventsthevmcnationalmeet2017.wordpress.com Jim
  5. Here's more information: https://eventsthevmcnationalmeet2017.wordpress.com Jim
  6. That's a great idea. The Events website will continue to build the additional information as we go forward, but there isn't anything for prior years. I can pretty easily come up with the information back until the 2013 National Meet, but I do not have the information before that. Many times the follow up information does not get reviewed like attendance and the amount of the donation to the charity (or even tracking what the charities have been over time). The information we are collecting is becoming more accurate as well as we have improved the processes that the VMC uses for the National Meet. Jim
  7. First of all I would like to say thank you to Dave, Chris and the rest of the Palmer Divide group. They did an outstanding job hosting the event. I had a great time riding, catching up with familiar faces and meeting many other new friends. The community of people that I have experienced in attending several of the National Meets is truly refreshing compared to what we see everyday. I had some time to chat with Tom before the National Meet banquet. His dedication to the Motorcycle Relief Project is impressive. In addition, if you did not attend the National Meet you may want to check out the website at http://www.motorelief.org. It was great to see how generous people can be as well as how appreciative Tom truly is. After all we all know how therapeutic riding can be. Add the other components that the Motorcycle Relief Project includes, I can see where this type of treatment can really help. THANK YOU!!!!!!! Jim
  8. The system should automatically send a confirmation email. The email would be from Eventzilla so it may be caught in spam. The system does show that you registered on June 20th for 2 people. Jim
  9. Just a quick reminder to everyone. The early registration pricing for the National Meet ends in just a few days. If you plan on attending the event and have not registered, please register before 11:59 PM, June 30th (this Thursday!). I look forward to seeing you all there! Jim
  10. What time are you meeting and what time a kick stands up? Jim
  11. Below please find the link for the website for information and to register for the VMC 2016 National Meet: https://eventsthevmcnationalmeet2016.wordpress.com/ The event looks to be a great event with some riding to look forward to! THANK YOU! Jim
  12. I would like to thank everyone that helped to have the event in Tennessee. I know the amount of time and effort that is involved to host an event. Sooooo THANK YOU!!!! I had a great time and the people that I spoke with did as well. I could have used another week to get in all of the sites and rides that I wanted to. Jim
  13. Attached, please find the Schedule of Events for the 2015 National Meet! Jim
  14. The National Meet 2015 is only 23 days away. More importantly, there is only a couple of days to get the early registration discount. If you are planning to attend a great Meet with some of the best riding roads in the country, now is the time to get registered!! See you there!! Jim
  15. The National Meet is 29 days away!! Most people who ride motorcycles when they think of Tennessee they think of the Dragon. If you haven't looked at the other rides the NashVegas VMC members planned for the event you are really missing out. Click the link to see the great rides that are planned. I am looking at the Tennessee Whiskey Tour, Devils Triangle, and the Corvette Museum. http://thevmc.com/NationalMeet/rides.html Get registered to attend the event to ride along with other VMC members. http://thevmc.com/NationalMeet/index.html Jim
  16. The National Meet is now 30 days away!! It is time to get registered to take advantage of the early registration pricing. It will be a great time with some of the best riding in the country with a great group of people. I met some of the nicest people at last year's National Meet that I am hoping to see again. I look forward to see you there! http://thevmc.com/NationalMeet/index.html Jim
  17. It's time to complete the registration for the National Meet 2015 in Tennessee! Not only has the group in Murfreesboro planned some great rides in the area for us (check out the registration website if you don't believe me), but it is also a great time to connect with friends we have made through the VMC as well as make some new friends. I am looking forward to catching up with a lot of the people I met last year at the National Meet as well as having some great times with them this year. So now it is coming down to the wire to get your registration in so that you can join in having some great times as well! Shortly, you will need to pay more in order to attend the event. Jim
  18. OK, we are down to 35 away to the National Meet in Tennessee. It is going to be a great event and you don't want to be the one saying afterwards that you had wish you had gone but didn't. The group putting on the event have planned some great rides in an area known for great rides. So it is time to get the registration in so that you can come to the event at the Early Registration rate. I met a lot of great people at last years event and looking forward to seeing you at this years National Meet! Jim
  19. Those of you that are going to have a great time at the National Meet 2015 that have not registered yet are running out of time to register at the early registration rate. The National Meet 2015 is only 40 days away. http://thevmc.com/NationalMeet/index.html I am looking forward to seeing all of you there! Jim
  20. For those of you looking to stay at the Embassy Suites. If you have not made your reservation and if there are still rooms left, the last day the hotel is offering the discounted rate for the rooms is July 23, 2015. Jim
  21. Only 49 days until the National Meet in Tennessee. For those of you planning to attend, make sure to register soon to avoid late registration fees!! See you there. Jim
  22. The National Meet 2015 in Murfreesboro, TN is less than 60 days away. It is going to be a great event. For those of you that are planning on going and have not yet registered, you are running out of time to register with the lowest rates. For those that aren't sure, these events really are a lot of fun. You will be meeting in person with other members of the VMC from around the country. Last year I met people from 28 states from all around the country. There were also several members from the Great White North. Canada for those members far enough south that haven't heard the reference before. It is great to put faces to names. In addition, I am looking forward to some of the great rides that the NashVega people have planned out for us as well as checking out the Nashville region. I am looking forward to a great event!! Get registered if you haven't and plan on attending. Jim
  23. The National Meet in Tennessee is only 100 days away!!!!! I look forward to seeing everyone there. It looks to be a great event. Those of you that are going - don't forget to register 8) Jim
  24. The NashVegas hosting chapter has suggested some great looking rides for the National Meet 2015. In speaking with Ken late last week and looking at the rides, I can hardly wait to get down there to spend some time in the Nashville area as well as hit some of the rides. They really do look great. Jim
  25. As we all look forward to the National Meet 2015 in Tennessee (my reservations are made and I am looking forward to seeing everyone there), there is one last item regarding the National Meet 2014 that I would like to announce. The Double H Ranch was our charity for the National Meet 2014. They are a great organization that helps many kids have a great camp experience that they otherwise may never have an opportunity to have. The Adirondack Victory Riders have direct connection to the camp as one of our members has a daughter that participates at the camp. The members attending the National Meet 2014 were not only extremely nice to each other and had a great time - they also raised $8,091.71 for the Double H Ranch. It is great to see how generous the members of the VMC are. Again thanks to everyone that helped!!!!! Jim
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