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  1. Sounds like a great way to spend a week!! My son wants to do this in the next year or two... Do you have any video or pics to share?
  2. Hosting a national meet requires a lot of groundwork by a group that wishes to do so.... Just gathering the information necessary to put together a proposal is a tough task for anyone who also has a job during the week. For the record: The events Committee did not receive a proposal for the 2019 meet until well after the 2018 meet was over. It’s pretty hard to announce what you don’t have... Let this serve as a reminder to anyone hoping to host the meet for 2020. Start your homework now and get your proposal in order to present after the first of the year, so maybe there is a chance to announce at the 2019 meet!
  3. The wife and I are registered! I got the rooms reserved way earlier... This will be a great trip since this year both of my Victory riding sons will be riding with me and the wife. We’re planning on going up through Wisconsin and across the bridge on our way there, and taking the SS Badger ferry on our way back home. I really can’t wait until our departure date!
  4. I’m looking forward to riding over it, hopefully not in the lane with the grate!
  5. All set! I got rooms reserved the wife and I and also for my sons. The lady made the comment that they are really looking forward to the event based on the overwhelming number of calls for reservations that they have received in the last few days!!
  6. Speaking for me and my family, I think we'd be more likely to attend able to attend the meet in Michigan.
  7. Where's it at this year? Eureka or The Hub again?
  8. I'm all registered!! Room is reserved, but I couldn't get one in the block of rooms for the VMC. I'm at the same hotel though so it's all good...
  9. My wife and I (along with our son and another rider) will be leaving Beatrice, NE mid afternoon Tues and riding for about 5 hours to stay at Paxton, NE or Ogallala. Wednesday, we will ride out to Cheyenne and Laramie and ride over the Snowy Mountains west of Laramie to stay the night and spend some time in the free community hot springs at Saratoga, WY. Thursday we will get up and make the relatively short ride down to Ft Collins coming in from the west. We've never been for a soak in a hot spring before so it should be an experience.
  10. Thanks for the great food and cold drink!! It was a nice trip over to meet you all, and my wife got out the door with a couple of goodies too. We'll make sure to stop in if we're ever in the area again!!
  11. I'll be there to check out the dealership/store
  12. already registered, and room reserved :tu Going to leave from Nebraska on Weds afternoon and arrive mid day Thurs :chpr
  13. That sounds like a good trip! I am planning to go to the national meet next year so I don't know if this meet is also is do-able, but maybe I can do it if I start planning now. BTW, you might wanna have the year corrected...
  14. I just saw this in my In Box when I got home and checked my email... I'm interested to see what he has to say to all of us!!
  15. I made hotel reservations and registered for the meet this morning!! Right now it is just my son Mike and I, but that could change if I can get the wife to come along. I'm really looking forward to this!!!
  16. Wife got those days off at work and we're ready to go!! All I need to do is make the reservations. Might even bring a new member along with me...
  17. I really wanted to try and make this ride this year!!! But, that was the only weekend available for a trip down Oklahoma and Arkansas for a ride across the Talimena scenic byway with a couple of real good friends that I don't always get to ride with on a trip...
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