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  1. Keep it clean, KP - this is a family program. Oh, wait, they let Grahmbo in.. Anyway, the wife is coming along. Got room for two more, Paul?
  2. If you only want the heel shifter to be lower without moving the toe peg, it is easier than that. The mounting holes on the heel shifter are slotted, so just loosen them a bit and move it where you want. It's a bit of a PITA because you probably have to take the whole assembly off, move it a bit, put it back together to check the height. A little movement goes a long way.
  3. Valid issues, Gene. Sounds like the main issue is with electronics. Back in the good 'ol days, Gear A turned Shaft B and Sprocket C, and anyone with a decent set of wrenches could find a way to make things work. Alas, this is the price we pay for progress. Riders demand complicated features now, like keyless ignition, and that's all well and good. But I don't see how it can be the manufacturer's responsibility to provide me with all of the tools required to fix it when it breaks, including an Electrical Engineering degree. Another part of that progress: most of us have Emergency Roadside Assistance included with our bike insurance these days. Call it a wash. :beer
  4. I'll play Devil's Advocate. Just for fun, here's a math word problem for those who miss high school: Bob's motorcycle manufacturing company, Big Moto, spends a couple zillion bucks designing the most amazing thing on two wheels. Completely revolutionary drivetrain, handles like it's on rails, most comfortable thing ever built, and everyone on the planet wants one. Yay Bob. Each one sold now comes with a full set of schematics, all of the software, etc. etc., as required by our new law. Three days later, a company called Bad Juju comes out with an identical model for 1/16 the price. Meanwhile, Bob sells a total of three bikes before Bad Juju puts him out of business. Two of the new owners are shade tree mechanics, and have gone into the ECM programming to remove the speed limiter, disable traction control, and gererally screw with whatever else they found in there. One of them loses it in a curve at 210 MPH, and the other gets his face caught in the HyperDrive while trying to modify it for more power. Now class, using the information provided above, please answer the following: 1. How many lawsuits is Big Moto, Inc. currently facing? a. None, because owners always accept full responsibility for modifications they make to a product. b. A few, but hey, big corporations have unlimited funds that they've *stolen* from their customers and/or employees. c. Holy shit. 2. How many of Big Moto's investors are contemplating or acting on homicidal fantasies now that we've wiped them out? a. None, investors know launching new products is always risky. b. A few, but hey, failure builds character and wisdom, right? c. Holy shit. 3. How many small companies will be inspired to take the risks to market a revolutionary new product in the future? a. All of them, because intellectual property laws and responsible consumers make the above scenario impossible! b. A few, because entrepreneurial spirit and stupidity go hand-in-hand. c. Zero. Please pass your papers forward. Grades will be available online within 48 hours. (Oh, you want the source code for the website so you can change your own grade as well? Sure, no problem.) :blnk
  5. Traveller, does it shut down instantly when you hit 3K, or stutter and die a slow, painful death? Instant off would probably be something electrical, while a slow loss of power would probably be a fuel-related issue.
  6. What's the hotel we're staying at in Heber City/Park City/Salt Lake City/Some Other Utah City?
  7. I hate to ask a stupid question, but where does one register? I know, I know, there are no stupid questions, only stupid people...
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