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  1. When your your in Junction be sure to take the time to cruise the Colorado National Monument -you will be well rewarded for you time-Brian
  2. One of my more memorable tours-got a cool video of two bears crossing the road in front of the bike up there-only because I had the camera hangin' 'round my neck.Beautiful place-couple o' my pics
  3. I took the baton handoff from big Tom ( RedVic ) in Denver and rode to Vernal with JR (JRV92C) and Maury (The Axe) and handed off to Sue-then rode up through Flaming Gourge and solo back home-a very memorable ride.
  4. I was just up by the highest point on the Lincoln Hwy Saturday-Just East of Laramie WY it's marked by a big bust of Abe's head-good place to turn off and take Happy Jack Road into Cheyenne rather than ridding with all the truckers.
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