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  1. Even if you count June, there is only 13 weekends that are really available for a National Meet. Before or after that the weather just gets too unpredictable for most of the northern states. Take away four weekends for AVR, V2V and Sturgis (2), and you are down to nine. There are likely to be six regional meets during that time (SE in May and SW in Feb) which takes it down to three potentially open weekends. Now add in things like Meet in the Middle, Lil Sturgis, Laconia, etc, etc, etc. This doesn't even include all the local benefit rides that go on each year, or even local chapter rides. The truth of the matter is you just can't make it to every single meet or ride that is scheduled. Can't physically be done. You have to plan what to do and where you want to go. If the National happens to be too far away or conflict with something else you just have to say oh well, maybe next time. 

    Saying it should be on the same date could eliminate the possibility of ever making a National for some because of work commitments or family. (Have you ever coached baseball?)

    Saying it should be in the same place would put a huge burden on a limited number of people year after year. You can do a lot by phone and via the internet but feet on the ground at the venue area is pretty much a must. Nothing beats face to face with the people you are working with and depending on to make the event a success. 


  2. Dates need to have the flexibility to vary based on the location the meet is held. The hosts have to work around local events as well as business related events at the hotel/resort of choice. Perhaps if we had hosts and locations lined up two or three years out we would be the event others would have to work around but that has not been and is not the case. Besides, it doesn't matter what week it is, someone will bitch about it.

  3. The AVR is not only an event for Victory owners but also an event for their employees and in fact the entire town and surrounding area. Arnold's Park and any place in the surrounding area that could hold a vehicle had a vehicle on it when it was concert time. Most of these vehicles were cages and not bikes. They were even parking in the grass in the park on Saturday. It was nuts! The place was packed! Brian commented that Polaris did not seem to be as eager to coordinate with the VMC this year as in past years. Could have been that it was the 15th Anniversary or it could be that with the release of the Indian, there will be some changes coming. Polaris employees are the ones who really put on the show at the AVR. In speaking with one of them, the employees do the work for the AVR on their own time because they love the brand and enjoy the party and people. To think Polaris would also do the same on another weekend for Indian owners seems like it would be taxing financially for Polaris and personally for the employees. This would lead me to think that there might be a combined rally for both brands. The AVIR? We'll just have to wait and see. To even entertain ideas of combining the National with the AVR at this particular time seems to be a little premature at least until we see how things shake out.

  4. tomnkc - 2012-09-03 10:21 AM


    Here are some pics from the convention center and hotel. Road pics will have to come from others. Due to weather and meet duties this will go in the history books as the 1st meet I have attended that I rode less than 1 mile!!!!



    I didn't even get that many in....impending shoulder surgery the Wednesday following the meet here. We'll make sure you ride your butt off next year in Lewiston!

  5. Tom, I think you summed up the whole reason the VMC supports the National Meet the way we do....the people. Plain and simple. Thanks for all your and everyone elses work. Without the tireless efforts of all the volunteers and vendors who support these events we would not have the opportunity to make the new friends and reconnct with old ones from across this great country. As a past National Meet host I can tell you kick back, pat yourself on the back and try to figure out what the hell you are going to do now that it's all over. Mixed emotions for sure. 8)

  6. The registration fee covers all that is obvious as stated but also is helping to cover the cost of some of the incidentals. We only have so much money for these events and the club spends a lot of money on them but it can't pay for it all. The National committee added up the costs, subtracted what the club could pay and divided what was left to pay by the number of anticipated people attending. It's pretty simple math and if $55 is too much for a shirt and two evenings having dinner with a whole bunch of VMC brothers and sisters....wow, you just can't buy that stuff. Sure you can eat for less elsewhere but what's the point? You can do that at home. How often do you get to see old friends and meet new ones? (especially ones that like to spoon at a Super-8!) Hell, it costs almost that much just to change your oil!! 8)

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