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  1. One comment on the Wingate Hotel, since they just opened we were unable to get any comp rooms like we did at the Billings Hotel. All this means is that the drawing for the free room is only for those staying at the Billings Hotel. Sorry if there was any confusion on this.
  2. Be sure to use the code "Victory" for either hotel. I mentioned this earlier but it probably way down at the beginning of the thread.
  3. Oh yeah, just an afternoon. You should be here by dinner. :blnk 8)
  4. I have to correct myself (hate it when that happens). According to Rand McNally on line - Palm Bay, Florida to Billings is 2344 miles but Fairbanks, Alaska to Billings is 2545 miles. It's the 37 hours vs 47 hours of driving time that is the killer. :blnk
  5. I figured Fairbanks, Alaska would have you Jim, but you're still a couple hundred beyond that. 8)
  6. I just received a big box of very cool items from Cruisin' 66 Cycles in Springfield, Missouri. Logo shirts, hats, coffee cups (one broke in shipping), bells, sunglasses, private label hot sauce, ketsup and mustard. Next time you are in there tell Nan thank you. I called but she was on the phone so I left a message. Definately some fun stuff in the box!! :y:
  7. Update on the free room. We have just over 30 rooms reserved so there is still time to get in on the free room drawing. I will be picking up a reservation list from the hotel in a few days to be sure I haven't missed anyone or someone forgot to let me know they made their reservation. There's still time!! By the way, only 180 days till the Meet!!
  8. I just received a pre-registration check from Rodger (oogruk) from FAIRBANKS, ALASKA. I am stoked. I had to call him and he told me that it was -40F not too long ago. Holy crap that's cold. Only about -9 right now. I think they must use glycol instead of oil up there! ;) Hmmm....looks like the boys from Florida might have some competition on the farthest RIDDEN award!!
  9. Looking forward to meeting some more of our Canadian brothers. :y:
  10. Thanks Brian. We'll see how well it's going when Amibrau gets to town on Friday. Got the Regional review board this weekend. ;) I don't think there will be any problem that a beer or two won't solve. 8)
  11. Here is the map and a link to it on Google Map for the Beartooth/Sunlight Basin ride on Saturday. I will have Friday's ride up as soon as I can. http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&msid=111472117489103534454.00045cd62d404ef48ab96&ll=45.294211,-109.0448&spn=1.313848,2.406006&z=9
  12. Make sure to PM me or send me an e-mail at 2009meet@thevmc.com once you have made your reservation at the hotel so I can get you into the drawing for the free room. We have nine entrants as of today so no you haven't missed out...yet. 8)
  13. If you have any questions you can e-mail me at 2009meet@thevmc.com .
  14. We will be keeping things updated in the Northwest Regional forum where people can add comments if they want. I have also set up a thread in the Yellowstone Valley Victory Riders forum where I can add information without any additional posts.:y: You can check either of these for the latest info. Not that I won't add info here but we have a little more ability to modify things in our regional threads. 8)
  15. Those are where flying saucers landed. The full circles are where they landed square and the partial circles are where they came in crooked and didn't land so well. Those ripply things are from where they shot their laser beams at all the scared humans running and it kind of messed up the area. You'll be able to see what I mean when you get here. ;)
  16. Meet dates are July 30 thru August 2, 2009. You can see the reasons for the dates and additional information in the NW Regional forums.
  17. Thank you all for you interest in coming to Billings next your for the National Meet. We are all very excited about you all coming to our litle neck of the woods. :yho We will continue to add updates as we progress with our work. For our camping members, the campgrounds are closed for the season but you can try the link/e-mail listed and see if you get a response but as I said they are closed for the season and will be back in taking reservations after the first of the year. We will continue trying to contact them to get a group rate and be able to make the same offer to you that we can make to the hotel people. We will be using the Billings Hotel and Convention Center (BHCC) as the main hotel. In the interests of those who may want to bring their family, we have also made arrangements with the Wingate which has The Reef indoor waterpark attached. We will be using the BHCC courtyard for our Thursday Early Bird BBQ and also have it reserved for Friday and Saturday nights. There is a bar inside which has comedy and then karokee on Friday night. The Wingate has a free continental breakfast while the BHCC does not but does have a restuarant. The Wingate is approximately three miles west of the BHCC. The campgrounds are approx four miles east of the BHCC. Yellowstone Polaris, our sponser dealer and take off point for the rides is three blocks from the BHCC. Both hotels have several resturants within 5 minutes. They also both have gas station/convienience stores within one or two blocks (you can buy beer there in Montana). If we fill the rooms at the BHCC, there are several other hotels within 5 minutes. On the map "A" is Yellowstone Polaris, "B" is the BHCC, "C" is the Wingate, "D" is the KOA and "E" is Yellowstone River Campground. Cutoff date for group rate is July 10th. Use the group code of "VICTORY" for the group rate. Here's the deal....for the first 50 (fifty) people who make a reservation at the BHCC we will have a drawing for one person to have their room free for the three nights of the meet. Then we'll move on to the second 50. Please PM me once you have made your reservation to be included in the drawing. Visit the following link to see a photo trip across the Beartooth Pass, video of the Great American Hillclimb, and the AMA Flat track races from the Billings Motorcycle Club grounds last year. Their track is a lot shorter than the one at the Metra Park on Saturday. http://www.myspace.com/ridethebigsky Last....I've been thinking about this for the past month but have yet to say it.....Is it JULY YET! :chpr Billings Hotel and Convention Center 1223 Mullowney Lane Billings, Montana 1-406-248-7151 Standard room w/ 2 queens or 1 king - $95 / night (plus tax) Jacuzzi Suite (limited availability) 1 king or 1 queen bed- $139 / night (plus tax) Two room suite (limited availability) 1 w/2 queen beds – others have 1 king bed$169 / night (plus tax) Wingate by Windham 1801 Majestic Lane Billings, Montana 1-406-839-9300 Standard Room – 2 queen beds - $109 / night (plus tax) Waterslide $15 / person Yellowstone River Campground 407 Garden Ave Billings, Montana 1-406-259-0878 or 1-800-654-0878 reservations@yellowstonerivercampground.com Tent site – $33.28 / night W/water and electricity at the site - $47.08 / night Cabins – call for pricing Check out time – 11:00am KOA 547 Garden Avenue Billings, Montana 1-406-252-3104 or 1-800-562-8546 blgskoakamp@aol.com Tent site - $32 / night up to two people Tent site w/fire ring and patio - $40 / night up to two people Additional adults - $5 / night Additional kids - $3 / night Cabins - $65 / night
  18. Whew...from the title of the thread I thought it turned out you boys were having the meet in a dry county or something. I was going to tell you it's a long ride but we've got lots of beer in Montana! Have a great weekend and stay safe and if you can't stay safe....stay at your hotel and get stupid. Enjoy....wish I was going to be there. ;)
  19. You like to talk to your clients in person? What kind of crazy idea is that.....Sounds like a very good one to me. :y: :y: Too bad more people don't take that road.
  20. Thanks Stacey. Just ordered the stainless version.
  21. Will, Which of the Zena locks would you recommend for a Jackpot? Which one is the best value for the money? Thanks.
  22. I hope he picks black and sends me the chrome ones since he won't be needing them. ;) Very nice. :y:
  23. When I opened the black velvet bag I was amazed at the size of this key. I would have to say it is massive. It looks incredible in the ignition. I changed the green stone on top of the helmet to match the bike and then added a little red to make it unique. The detail is fantastic and fits with Ice Cube perfectly!!
  24. OK I get the hint. I think the Viking will look good on the Vision. Kind of keeps with the Ice Cube theme in an off hand way. Now if I can just find some horns to mount on my helmet ! ! Where's Kulaid when you need him?
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