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  1. Here's a whole bike shot of the new cheese wedge. Doesn't show off the design the best but does show how nicely it adds to the overall impression of the bike. Much nicer than stock. :y:
  2. Nice Will. Those pipes would look good with pearl white shields. ;)
  3. OK that's it Will. I promised not to say anything but you spilled the beans so now you have to come to the National Meet. I think a beer purchased in person will make up for the price of the bolts!! :ir
  4. Installed mine last night. Took all of about 5 minutes. Kind of like Kevin's cruise control, it takes longer to read the instructions than it takes to install it. Looks fantastic and a very positive change from the 'ol cheese wedge. Sorry the pics aren't the best.
  5. Very cool since it matches the pin striping on my rear fender.
  6. Looks good Will! :y: Would definately dress up the ladies rides.
  7. I like the one with the round holes. Reminds me of Centerline wheels!! :y:
  8. Over half the states in this fine country will be represented at the Meet as well as half the provinces of our Canadian brothers north of the border. Whoo hoo!!
  9. Today is the MEET ! ! Come on if you plan on coming let me know what your home town is. We have riders from 26 states coming. PM me or e-mail me where you are coming from.. Finally got a pin in North Dakota!!!! Saw someone from South Dakots say they were coming too but don't know where from yet....hint, hint!! How come your state isn't on there?
  10. I started wondering where everyone coming to the meet will be starting from so I made this map. No the marker probably isn't exactly on your house but it is in the cities I could find on your information pages. I know there are many more who are planning on coming but I don't have your location to put on the map. If you are coming to the National Meet please send me your home town location at 2009Meet@thevmc.com and I will add it to the map. Thanks and hopefully every state will have at least one marker. 8) http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&msid=111472117489103534454.0004622b56c47bd2ccc43&ll=47.872144,-107.578125&spn=77.629468,168.925781&z=3 27 States 5 Canadian Provinces 0 days and counting!
  11. Glad to hear you are coming Matt. If you're goofy looking I hate to hear what everybody says about me. You look pretty normal to me other than going to the Code Blue school of how to wear boots with shorts!! ;)
  12. Whew, I thought it is a little early to be packing to come over here already! ;) I thought I was loaded going to Mt Vernon last year but you got me beat. Hmmm, I just realized I don't have to pack this year....COOL!!8)
  13. I will send them out when I get back to work on Wednesday. Youngest turns 14 tomorrow and I try not to work on the boys' birthdays. 8)
  14. Thanks for your help Gene. Anyone else need a flyer? I can e-mail it or send an 11x17 hard copy. Let me know.
  15. Excellent Zane. Thanks for your help. Still have some left if anyone else is interested.
  16. I will send them to you on Tuesday. I have a four day weekend this week. :y:
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