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  1. I had placed an order with WitchDocs. I recieved it in like no time. I check on the order and I hit the item button twice by mistake. I did only recieve the one item as it was a last one. I contacted Witchdoc about my mistake and they took care of it right away.. He will get more of my business.. Thanks for the speedy service after the sale. Thats something rare these days..
  2. yeah I'm going to keep a printed list with me when I ride...one never knows
  3. Have about 6 going from Chicago to the Hog Wild Rodeo in Iowa May 15 thru the 17th
  4. Wish I could make it. I'm on duty on the 30th and dont get off till 6:30 hrs. the 31st. Have a great ride and take some pix.
  5. If ya like riding and not waiting in lines to go thru a tunnel..forget Sturgis during the rally..I've gone twice once during the rally once a week after...was much nicer riding off rally..no waiting at tunnels and more places to stay.
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