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  1. I'll start with an old one.. V2V1...leg 11,, Wells ,NV all there was was V92's.. even then we had harleys tailing us..... R
  2. that works. now everyone knows where I reside....
  3. http://vrnetwork.ning.com/group/v2v-relay
  4. It works.. could some one make that a clickable link please.....
  5. http://vrnetwork.ning.com/group/v2v-relay
  6. yep,,,me.... Americana Cafe at 1900 hrs.. I just called them and they said they could accommodate us..... Randy
  7. hey Donna, I thought you all were headed to Reno thursday... i would like to leave Stockton by 10a
  8. so Tuesday morning the 21st, we will be at the Dennys at the intersection of 99 and 88 in Stockton.. we will take 88 up to 395 and on into Carson City, and on up to Circus Circus in Reno... who ever wants to meet us in Stockton pipe up and say when---- R
  9. well we will work this out... I have reservations in Carson city and I'm not changing, we will work this out..... so I'll sleep on this... I will be in Lodi Tuesday morning the 21st for anyone coming up from SF.... R hi Donna n Tim... Dragon Bob is coming with me.....
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