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  1. good job Donna and Patti----done an settled----R:y: :y: :ir
  2. ya know..,,I reserved two rooms at the western village just in case a couple weeks ago they are all pretty close-------Randy
  3. hell Redd,, bring your bag like i am--we will sleep on the grass,, or is that sleep on the dirt and smoke the---WHAT??????--------------R
  4. JR--3 in my party for dinner---if they need a head count------ Randy
  5. Hi JR--we are headed to Napa,, so will cut off when we hit Rt 12 at the bridge and see ya all again at Redds. EX-inlaws and GP's in Napa,, we are staying at the motel 6 by Redds---------Randy I Voted
  6. we will prob stay at the motel 6 sat and sun nites----what fun how far from your house Redd?????------R gotta visit the exinlaws in Napa-----free supper
  7. good recab Spike---and this will be my 10th one I've been on with fastbluevic a good time is always had------------Randy
  8. I have started adding some pics from V2V1----east to west R
  9. leg 3----pics 1----Tom,Patty,Tom,Bob,Deb,John-----dinner 2---all of us relaxing in Centerville---w/brew 3the pass----Tom to Bob
  10. hey im home,,,will post some pics later,,,,----------Randy
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