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  1. Well I just got home from the Cherokee ride..........SWEET! Here's some pictures of our group:
  2. Sat. here's the plan for who ever wants to go.... well looks like I have no idea how to post a map here!
  3. Watching Accuweather, hell the forcast changes 3 times a day.........quit you're worrying,just bring winter gear with ya! You do know it's only April, what did you expect? Heck think of the guys coming from the north......pppsssss...you southern guys.......OH wait I'm a southern guy too!:blnk
  4. We'll be there rain or shine, hot or cold.....it really doesn't matter.....snow and ice matters thou!:blnk
  5. You're right, sorry about that......I do have an appointment to get my eyes checked on the 20th of this month and now everybody knows why! Sorry I didn't mean to step on you! I can't see anymore!lol
  6. Sonicbluerider, thanks for the tip on Cherohala but it's too too slow of a rode and it's too too long of a road for those posted speeds....been there! Long_Will, Cartersville Ga. is just 16.1 miles down the road from Hellen Ga. we can add it to the trip to Hellen if you want to ride with us, call your friend and tell him you're coming Sat. if you want to and I'll make plans for it or do it on your own what ever suits you!
  7. Well my groups a go for Cherokee on the 16th........11 in my group(6 rooms) plus 2 from the north.......let's ride! Golfer, my plan's are to ride down to Hellen probably on Sat. because the Dragon is usually quite busy on the weekends so Friday we'll probably do the Dragon, besides there is a really great resturant in Gatlinburg that we will be eating at Friday evening(Bennett's Pit Bar-B-Que) it's the best damn resturant I've ever eaten at. Great service and the coldest Beer and the food is to die for....the food was so good that we was pasting our plates to others in our group to taste and
  8. The problem is a large group on I40 when you get into the big cities when people in the group won't keep up and get lost in traffic, it's hard to try and watch out for everyone in the group when they're strung for a half a mile. If everybody stays up tight (1 or 2 seconds off the person in front of you)and stagger correctly it's no problem at all but I've had groups follow me that have no idea what stagger means or keeping up! Anyway we'll be ok I'm just remembering when!! We've got 3 radioed bikes(mine,TC and the Vision) in the group that I know of so I'll be placing them through out the gro
  9. Well I couldn't keep my mouth shut, my buddie from up the street came by last night and asked what's going on and me and my big mouth said "well a bunch of us are going to the Dragon again" so now he going and he's calling a friend and he's pretty sure he's going............................now I'm getting worried, we're to big of a group to stop and eat along the way. Looks like I'll have to find all of the Cracker Barrels along the way!:blsh That's 11 bikes, 12 people! :what
  10. 7(Vision's), ones coming with my group! 1 Kingpin, 1 TC, 1 Jackpot, 1 star Venture,1 650 yamaha?(girl),1 Kawasaki Nomad,1 Honda VTX 1800,1 Ultra HD(sorry)! Can't wait!!
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