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  1. Just checked on the price of a rail(frame) $275..........looks like the 2X4 will be in business until he hits the lottery.
  2. Jon, I bought the Extended kick stand last week from you after watching your video about it as I was looking for something to help out a friend that has a 02TC, I told him that from your video it looks like that will solve his problem with the lean of his bike, well that didn't work as it still just sets at the normal resting point on the kick stand but now he can find the kick stand easier but that wasn't what is was wanting.... do you have any idea's and how to lesson the lean of the TC bikes? Thanks diamonbird/Don
  3. Will thanks again for the Vision lowers, they look beautiful!
  4. Will, thank you, I got it Sat.........beautiful man!!
  5. Will I missed adding my VMC membership code AGAIN, can you please fix this or point me in the right direction to fix and thanks for making the Primary Covers, they look very nice.
  6. Well I just got home from the Cherokee ride..........SWEET! Here's some pictures of our group:
  7. Sat. here's the plan for who ever wants to go.... well looks like I have no idea how to post a map here!
  8. Watching Accuweather, hell the forcast changes 3 times a day.........quit you're worrying,just bring winter gear with ya! You do know it's only April, what did you expect? Heck think of the guys coming from the north......pppsssss...you southern guys.......OH wait I'm a southern guy too!:blnk
  9. We'll be there rain or shine, hot or cold.....it really doesn't matter.....snow and ice matters thou!:blnk
  10. You're right, sorry about that......I do have an appointment to get my eyes checked on the 20th of this month and now everybody knows why! Sorry I didn't mean to step on you! I can't see anymore!lol
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