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  1. The moderators of the page, needs to pin it or reposted regularly so it gets to the top of the feed. And I do not see it listed in the event section. Big mistake.
  2. Post it on the VMC Facebook page. It works great. And I guarantee you more members will see it then here.
  3. until

    For the time being, let's post the Facebook link. https://www.facebook.com/VictoryRally/. Perfect example of why members needs to belong to both sites.
  4. until

    The web site link www.victoryrally.com is not valid?
  5. until
    Hey folks, I just heard there is going to be a MITM in 2022! The "Meet in the Middle" has always been my favorite Victory event each year! Riders from all the western states show up. The dates are June 9th to 12th and the Hotel is the Cimarron Inn in Klammath Falls OR. Make your reservations early. You can always cancel if needed
  6. Did you send her a message to her or Philip on Facebook? They are on there pretty regular.
  7. check the top of the forums. there is a link to the event with itinerary. Also on the Facebook page.
  8. As for you that think I don't have the best interest of the club or are trying to destroy it you are wrong. I read this site pretty much everyday and the VMC Facebook page too. When I see people ask a technical question or looking for parts, or what ever it may be and they get no answer from either page, I am going to do them a solid and tell them where else to look. Could be one of the many "Fantastic" Victory related Facebook pages. Could be the VOG. Could be one of the Vic parts supplier. Could be another source. That is being an honest member of the club does for its members. Point them towards answers to their question, no matter the source. Not let them twist in the wind.
  9. I don't want to get in a pissing contest, but you are right. I don't know what they are about and don't care. You see Mark, unlike you, I live in a big country where on a daily basis, I can get face to face with 100's of Victory riders here in in my little corner of Southern California. I am not stranded on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean where I have no fellow Vic riders to get together with face to face. I don't have the need to live my motorcycle life vicariously through this club. As far as what I have done, I founded the Greater Los Angeles chapter. Actually been to numerous national and regional events. Helped out with the SW region annual meet. Coordinated with Victory Corporate in getting support for that event. Was part of the P&P committee several years ago. Trust me, I do appreciate your enthusiasm for the club. If not for you, there would be very little going on in the forums. What you have done for the Chapters outside of the States is incredible. And yea, I call them as I see them. And no, I don't know best. But I do believe I have a better feel for the pulse of the Victory motorcycle community than you. I read some of your posts about how this club is amazing and fantastic. I hear a Career military officer trying to rally the troops when things a going against them.
  10. Marks original comment about radio stations did not say they were "online biker radio stations." I made an assumption that he was talking about conventional over the airwaves radio stations like 99.9% of people listen to, here in the USA. I clicked on 1 link, Biker Heart Radio and it is a poor quality radio station based in South Africa. Harley Liberty is a site devoted to the 2% Like the HA, Mongols, Pagans, Bandidos, etc. Are these the places we want to market too? As far as trying to divide the club, that is crazy talk.
  11. Thanks for the list. I will check them out. Like I said, never heard of biker radio.
  12. Mark, Care to share a link to these online biker radio stations? I have been riding for over 30 years and never heard of such a thing. I polled my riding friends here in So. California and not one had ever heard of one. I would like to check it out. Spending 5 minutes a day promoting the VMC to the 27,000+ members of the Victory Motorcycle Owners Group would be priceless and free. Then you have the other pages for the various models. The owner of the page is a former president of this club. We have talked many times and there is no problem with promoting the club in that group. This club either evolves or slowly dies. It's that simple. I just don't understand the stance of some closed minded members.
  13. Don't know about Taiwan, but to do radio in the USA would take 1000x of the Clubs whole years budget. And I don't know what radio stations you would put it on.
  14. Is the Marketing committee missing an opportunity to reach potential new members by not posting pictures and up dates of the V2V on the various Victory Facebook pages?
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