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  1. Street Vibrations in Reno Nevada is a great rally. Here is the Spring Street Vibrations Rally web site http://roadshowsreno.com/sv_spring.php Here is the Fall Street Vibrations Rally web site. http://roadshowsreno.com/sv_fall.php Also, The Willamette Valley Victory Riders (VMC LC-92) are proud to host the 2020 VMC NW Regional Meet, and look forward to seeing you July 23-25, 2020 in Grand Ronde, OR! At the end of the last ice age, rich, diverse soils were deposited in the 150-mile stretch between Portland and Eugene. Today the Willamette Valley’s abiding allure has everything to do with these soils — its farm-to-fork food scene, a world-class wine and beer industry and the pioneering nature of its people, who come here to build, to make and to live the good life. Our coast is lined with sandy beaches, hiking trails, lighthouses and one of the best motorcycle routes in the country, Hwy 101. July weather in the valley averages a high of 82 degrees, and low of 53 degrees. Spirit Mountain Casino & Lodge is a Native American casino located in Grand Ronde, OR, operated by the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde Community of Oregon. It is Oregon’s busiest tourist attraction, with over three million visitors per year. Spirit Mountain Casino is a premier destination for anyone looking to get away from it all. They are conveniently located 65 miles southwest of Portland and only 25 minutes from the coast. Once you’re there, you can enjoy an expansive selection of gaming, entertainment, and great food. Their dining options feature great variety as well, offering one of the best casino buffets in the Pacific Northwest, as well as a first-class service restaurant and a full-service bar and lounge. And with 90,000 square feet of gaming space full of blackjack tables, roulette, slot machines and more, you won’t find a more inclusive, all-around enjoyable casino to visit. Hotel room registration is open now and can be secured with a credit card. Room options available: two queen beds, or one king bed. To register: Phone: call 800.760.7977. Give booking ID 1718 and/or "VMC NW REGIONAL" room block. Web: https://book.b4checkin.com/chameleon/spiritmountain?_ga=2.14029236.2016977907.1567534471-1409125323.1559236267#groupSignIn. Enter booking ID 1718. Group rides, raffle drawings, a poker run, and the Saturday night banquet, plus a few surprises...don't miss out on the 2020 VMC NW Regional meet!
  2. Looks like a great event and good times. Did they have a contest who road the farthest? If so, how far and where? Anybody know do those attendance figures compare to past national events?
  3. If there is one, could somebody share the Facebook link to the pictures from the National meet. I have been to the VMOG page and see where Witchdoctors has posted some videos and pictures. Not seeing anything from the organizers.
  4. And they should be blasting the pictures ad commentary all over Facebook to bring awareness to the VMC.
  5. until

    Here is their Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/2019-VMC-North-West-Victory-Regionals-1919053734840346/?__xts__[0]=68.ARA05Umw6INANKjllPJNf1hk-3U_N37MU0YJ7wkPh4G7a2Q5Cv0z4FQXtmPVNC1IRMF72If1OeZTrPMb7CJ43HGiFVKgTpZd9fvf3iTNPsepmmCO5pZXLsa1-tdyvzwR9Qj-uerCqlpI6xmVjBkV63uss8VCqQ5syhyF_w5lBJTfV1jSKipDFfujFOswuPukfaXNo4c4Nv_0f-Utiz-edP0pbQ0KgvctzSkwE38DcCsyVZukfVkIWB2G5LGRg3EG8Jr1AboOFHvqrjfE_YZk1c3Fl_wbk5r3AHXvaNFA3gxvg-SGURt3K63fTj6MKj7FgWu3gm6g2-Zsg9iV95USw4f5Dq2o
  6. until

    Could be due to the fact, that the local chapter left the VMC over some comments made by a couple of board members. Mis communication to blame.
  7. I have a room that we are probably not going to be using.
  8. until

    Personally, my first one was in 2005. I remember a year, around 2006-2007 where we had OVER 100 bikes on the Saturday ride. Next years will be February 7-10
  9. until

    Sorry Bearcat. We tried to get the word out face to face. Next year we need to work together to make this event what it used to be.
  10. until

    Saturday, we are having dinner at the steak house at the Riverside. If you want to join us, we need to know. Making reservations today.
  11. until

    These are our plans for heading out to Laughlin on February 8th, 2019. Last I checked, we had close to 20 people attending with several more on the fence depending on weather. Hope you can make it. JSP Riders group will meet up at the Shell Gas Station at 19415 Golden Valley Rd, Santa Clarita, CA. It is off the Golden Valley turn off of the 14 freeway. KSU at 8:30 am- be gassed up and ready to go. Kevin's group will depart from Monrovia at the Best Buy parking lot at 8 am. From there, east on the 210 to the Chevron Station at 15160 Summit Ave, Fontana at 8:30 am. From there we will ride out to Victorville (gas and breakfast) A "Proper Breakfast" will be at Mollie Brown's, 15775 Mojave Dr, Victorville, CA 92394. Planning on arriving there at 10:00 am. For Saturday, we will be planning a ride. Dinner plans TBD
  12. until
    Plan on a good time being had by all. There will be drinks, laugh's, food, laughs, riding, laughs, and just a great time to hang out with fellow Victory riders. Aquarius Casino Resort 1900 S Casino Dr, Laughlin, Nevada 89029
  13. I am commenting, since the local chapter will be planing the rides and they are 10 months out from the event dates. I can assure you, you will not be disappointed. The ride opportunities in the area are spectacular. The VMC held the national event there in 2013. It was fantastic. .
  14. Just read this on one of the Regional Facebook pages. "I just want to THANK everyone again for all your generosity!! Finally dollar amount to be donated to the City of La Grande Fire Dept is $9500.00. We will be presenting them with a check this coming Saturday @ 8:00AM if anyone would like to join us. The more the merrier. Thanks again! I'm proud to be apart of The VMC & the Victory family."
  15. Here is a link to what has just been posted about next years NW VMC meet in Lewiston Idaho. Same location as the 2013 National meet. https://www.facebook.com/2019-VMC-North-West-Victory-Regionals-1919053734840346/
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