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  1. As for you that think I don't have the best interest of the club or are trying to destroy it you are wrong.

    I read this site pretty much everyday and the VMC Facebook page too. When I see people ask a technical question or looking for parts, or what ever it may be and they get no answer from either page, I am going to do them a solid and tell them where else to look.

    Could be one of the many "Fantastic" Victory related Facebook pages. Could be the VOG. Could be one of the Vic parts supplier. Could be another source.

    That is being an honest member of the club does for its members. Point them towards answers to their question, no matter the source.

    Not let them twist in the wind. 

  2. On 7/1/2021 at 7:56 PM, Llama said:

    How amazing that 99.9% listen to over the airwaves radio stations....that 0.1% seems to still give some of these radio stations thousands of listeners.  And you clearly haven't checked out the full list or REALLY checked out what they are all about.....but then you always know best!  So maybe you can explain what have you done positively to promote the club, even in your local area?  Then the rest of us who are TRYING can learn from your boundless experience and energy.

    I don't want to get in a pissing contest, but you are right. I don't know what they are about and don't care. You see Mark, unlike you, I live in a big country where on a daily basis, I can get face to face with 100's of Victory riders here in in my little corner of Southern California. 

    I am not stranded on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean where I have no fellow Vic riders to get together with face to face. I don't have the need to live my motorcycle life vicariously through this club. 

    As far as what I have done, I founded the Greater Los Angeles chapter. Actually been to numerous national and regional events. Helped out with the SW region annual meet. Coordinated with Victory Corporate in getting support for that event. Was part of the P&P committee several years ago. 

    Trust me, I do appreciate your enthusiasm for the club. If not for you, there would be very little going on in the forums.  What you have done for the Chapters outside of the States is incredible. 

    And yea, I call them as I see them. And no, I don't know best. But I do believe I have a better feel for the pulse of the Victory motorcycle community than you.  I read some of your posts about how this club is amazing and fantastic. I hear a Career military officer trying to rally the troops when things a going against them. 


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  3. 3 hours ago, grantchristiansen said:

    I am not sure I understand the closed minded comment.

    It seems that you think someone is purposefully, or making a decision to not, promote the club.  This is just not the case, unless I am missing something.  Whose responsibility is it to promote the club?

    If you say "the board", then who specifically on the board has the responsibility of promoting the club?  Really the answer is "all of us members", at least historically, as far as I can tell.

    We do have a marketing committee vacancy that has been vacant my entire time I have been a part of this club.


    You are right about one thing.  We do need to change and evolve, or slowly die.  I wish it was as easy as a snap of fingers to make changes.  We are working on things.  Sometimes not fast enough and it is frustrating.  I hope these changes come soon.

    Based on comments here and elsewhere, folks like me will need to step up and take control, rather than wait for other members to get involve, even thought I don't have the time to commit.  Because I want to see this club thrive.  I see a whole lot of accusations, but not a lot of volunteering.

    It is strange to me, that you create this topic, which starts with making a very valid observation, but ends with accusations (towards Llama, the tone there is there are not any online biker stations because you and your friends have not heard of any) and the slant towards close-minded members.


    Please see @Reverend Beavis for the information you private messaged me for.  I am convinced you will only use the information to further try to divide this club, and I will not be a part of that.  Please send your request to him.

    Marks original comment about radio stations did not say they were "online biker radio stations." I made an assumption that he was talking about conventional over the airwaves radio stations like 99.9% of people listen to, here in the USA. 

    I clicked on 1 link, Biker Heart Radio and it is a poor quality radio station based in South Africa.

    Harley Liberty is a site devoted to the 2% Like the HA, Mongols, Pagans, Bandidos, etc.

    Are these the places we want to market too? 

    As far as trying to divide the club, that is crazy talk.


  4. 23 minutes ago, Llama said:

    Too busy to write a long list of biker radio stations…I presumed you would know better than me.  Here are just a few off the top of my head, so apologies if I get any names wrong…I am surprised you didn’t know there was even one! 

    Biker Radio

    Biker Classic Rock

    Biker Hart

    Harley Liberty

    Then there are news video stations such as:

    Bikers Inner Circle

    Black Dragon Biker TV

    Insane Throttle

    And there are some others in Europe such as Biker F M in UK….

    and the list goes on!

    Anyhow, there are more but I am too busy these days.

    Thanks for the list. I will check them out. Like I said, never heard of biker radio. 

  5. 23 hours ago, Llama said:

    Why did you think I was talking about Taiwan?  I am friends with hosts of two US Online biker radio stations and have written several articles for one of them before. The other offered a live interview spot last year but it wasn’t my place to accept.   Zero budget effect.

    Mark, Care to share a link to these online biker radio stations? I have been riding for over 30 years and never heard of such a thing. I polled my riding friends here in So. California and not one had ever heard of one. I would like to check it out.

    Spending 5 minutes a day promoting the VMC to the 27,000+ members of the Victory Motorcycle Owners Group would be priceless and free. Then you have the other pages for the various models.

    The owner of the page is a former president of this club. We have talked many times and there is no problem with promoting the club in that group. 

    This club either evolves or slowly dies. It's that simple. I just don't understand the stance of some closed minded members.


  6. On 6/28/2021 at 3:03 PM, Llama said:

    Thanks - I am picking the photos up from here.  For some reason I can't open the videos.  

    I do think we should have been hitting the motorcycle press and radio stations with announcements - I had suggested it some months ago (in fact I have been nagging about this since last Fall) I drafted a press release in an attempt to ease workload for others, so maybe it was done and I am not aware.  Too late now for the V2V, except for LCs/Regions trying to get something in their local press in the last few days - again, maybe this is already happening.  Not too late for radio stations though.  And not too late for our Anni year in general (almost, but ....). Knowing how far in advance the mainstream magazines work it almost certainly is for them, although they might squeeze a mention in their general news pages.  We should be broadcasting to the world that it is our 20th, about the V2V, the Nats, regional and local events, including overseas - V2E across Europe, the Scotland and New Zealand events, e.g., events all over the world to commemorate our official 20th year.  I believe the Marketing Committee will be reporting at the Board meeting in July, so perhaps we will hear what has been achieved then.

    Don't know about Taiwan, but to do radio in the USA would take 1000x of the Clubs whole years budget. And I don't know what radio stations you would put it on.

  7. Street Vibrations in Reno Nevada is a great rally.

    Here is the Spring Street Vibrations Rally web site http://roadshowsreno.com/sv_spring.php

    Here is the Fall Street Vibrations Rally web site. http://roadshowsreno.com/sv_fall.php

    Also, The Willamette Valley Victory Riders (VMC LC-92) are proud to host the 2020 VMC NW Regional Meet, and look forward to seeing you July 23-25, 2020 in Grand Ronde, OR!
    At the end of the last ice age, rich, diverse soils were deposited in the 150-mile stretch between Portland and Eugene. Today the Willamette Valley’s abiding allure has everything to do with these soils — its farm-to-fork food scene, a world-class wine and beer industry and the pioneering nature of its people, who come here to build, to make and to live the good life. Our coast is lined with sandy beaches, hiking trails, lighthouses and one of the best motorcycle routes in the country, Hwy 101. July weather in the valley averages a high of 82 degrees, and low of 53 degrees.
    Spirit Mountain Casino & Lodge is a Native American casino located in Grand Ronde, OR, operated by the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde Community of Oregon. It is Oregon’s busiest tourist attraction, with over three million visitors per year. Spirit Mountain Casino is a premier destination for anyone looking to get away from it all. They are conveniently located 65 miles southwest of Portland and only 25 minutes from the coast. Once you’re there, you can enjoy an expansive selection of gaming, entertainment, and great food. Their dining options feature great variety as well, offering one of the best casino buffets in the Pacific Northwest, as well as a first-class service restaurant and a full-service bar and lounge. And with 90,000 square feet of gaming space full of blackjack tables, roulette, slot machines and more, you won’t find a more inclusive, all-around enjoyable casino to visit.
    Hotel room registration is open now and can be secured with a credit card. Room options available: two queen beds, or one king bed. To register:
    Phone: call 800.760.7977. Give booking ID 1718 and/or "VMC NW REGIONAL" room block.
    Web: https://book.b4checkin.com/chameleon/spiritmountain?_ga=2.14029236.2016977907.1567534471-1409125323.1559236267#groupSignIn. Enter booking ID 1718.
    Group rides, raffle drawings, a poker run, and the Saturday night banquet, plus a few surprises...don't miss out on the 2020 VMC NW Regional meet!

  8. 2 hours ago, jkoshar said:


    The total attendance was 244.  The 199 was the count in the banquet room at the time of the live VMC business (motion and vote).  248 meals were served at the banquet.


    Looks like a great event and good times.

    Did they have a contest who road the farthest? If so, how far and where?

    Anybody know do those attendance figures compare to past national events?


  9. 6 hours ago, gene hunt said:

    Sure hope there is a thread for posting pictures, comments each day of the event so that club members who could not make it can see all the fun fellow members are having. - Gene

    And they should be blasting the pictures ad commentary all over Facebook to bring awareness to the VMC.

  10. 9 hours ago, cruisin4ever1 said:

    I plan on attending this event. Do you have any info on the rides for the event? I'll be coming from TN.


    I am commenting, since the local chapter will be planing the rides and they are 10 months out from the event dates.  I can assure you, you will not be disappointed. The ride opportunities in the area are spectacular.

    The VMC held the national event there in 2013. It was fantastic.


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  11. Just read this on one of the Regional Facebook pages.

    "I just want to THANK everyone again for all your generosity!!

    Finally dollar amount to be donated to the City of La Grande Fire Dept is $9500.00.

    We will be presenting them with a check this coming Saturday @ 8:00AM if anyone would like to join us. The more the merrier.

    Thanks again! I'm proud to be apart of The VMC & the Victory family."

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