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  1. Hi Tony, Thanks for the quick response and invite. Due to my part-time job, I won't be available to join you until the end of July. I will drop you a line tonight. Be safe! Marc
  2. Hey All, Been off the site for while. A whole lot of stuff has changed in my life, but I still have my XCT. Is it possible to come over for a day and ride with you guys?
  3. To those that were interested in Lisa's and my extra flashing brake lights, I am going to attempt to post a link to a vendor. I hope this works. Marc The smaller LED (Lisa's bike) is a Whelen LIN3, and on my bike I have a 500 series Linear LED. www.sirennet.com/whrs-02zcr.html www.sirennet.com/wh50-02z-r.html
  4. Great Pictures All! Thanks for posting them. It was an honor and a pleasure meeting many of you that attended the rally. Lisa and i are planning a single day get together in southern Vermont in early October. I should have most of the details posted by the end of the week. Hopefully some of you can come up and enjoy the spectacular scenery Mother Nature provides at this get together. Ride safe! Marc
  5. Both suck and are boring as hell! I would take I 80 across PA and the I-81 norrth to I-88 to Albany then route 7 east to rout 9 in Vermont. Then I can meet up with you and the wife and i can show you some great roads in Vermont and New Hampshire. Marc
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