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  1. I'm not sure if I can make the ride now. My mother is in the process of moving into a new house and is in need of my help. Hopefully everyone has a good ride. Maybe next year.
  2. Hoping to be able to ride till lunch. The Gabby Goat is a good place.
  3. Taking us 40 is a relaxing ride with easier stops. I forget the town but I think you go by the worlds largest wind chime ( couple blocks off main road). Couple years ago we stop at nice bar and grill in Effingham. Us 42 from Brazil is a great road with some fair curves. It runs about 10 miles south of 40 but also runs along 70. 40 runs north of 70 through that area.
  4. Looks like it's been a wet day for the ride. Looking at radar and spot they are almost out of the storms. Hopefully everyone is safe and dry out during lunch, then have an enjoyable and dry ride the rest of the day.
  5. Jery if you lead this leg I might be able to ride a little bit of it with the grandson. Although due to work schedual and family plans I can not do the whole ride this year.
  6. The group I'm with will be riding the Dragon's Tail on Tuesday and\or on Wednesday if you can get there early. We are doing the Blue Ridge on Sunday and Monday, all before the event.
  7. I just found out that is is possible we might have the youngest ever participant on our leg. Does anyone have any idea if anyone younger than 5 has been on the ride?
  8. Well that will changed things a lot. The web site I looked at just read open from 6am-1pm. So no moon burger in Il. on Sunday and no alcohol in In. either. Except the bar. Looks like it will be back to Sonic for lunch. Thanks for the info Mike.
  9. Still waiting on any feed back about eating at moonshine. Please give your opinion. It is a great place to go to.
  10. If they are out of business I guess they are not an option anymore.
  11. Rockstar pizza is only a couple miles from the motel we will be staying at. It is one of the options for the evening meal.
  12. MOONSHINE. This is a great place to go to. If there is enough interested, we could make it happen this year. Would proably mean kick stands up at 8AM though, and maybe even more I70 riding. We need to be there by 12 noon to 12:15. The grill shuts down at 12:30 sharp. If you are going to ride this leg. Please give your input weither it is a yes or no. Depending on comments put in here I will try to make it happen.
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