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  1. **********Latest News on Leg 14********* Gathering point for the start of Leg 14 will be at our Excellent Dealer in Reno, Reno Cycles & Gear at 8:00 am on July 4. Their address is: 3445 Kietzke Lane Reno NV 89502 (775) 355-8810 http://www.renocycles.com/default.asp Gary says we are welcome. Please get there by 8:00am, fueled and ready to ride. We'll depart at 8:30am. :dp
  2. Met with the owners of the Freeport Bar & Grill and we are confirmed for lunch there. http://freeportbarandgrill.com/index.html This a great spot for us. The food is great and they have agreed to let us sit either inside in the cool A/C or outside under the trees. They are also going to provide us with priority parking in front. :chpr
  3. Hello Final Leg'rs! Below is the route we will be taking from Reno to Oakland. The route combines two-lane roads where practical and some freeways where necessary. By mapping program calculations it looks to be about 270 miles. Basically we will taking some frontage roads through the Sierras from Truckee to Auburn, freeway through Sacramento, run down the Sacramento River to Antioch, freeway through the Caldecott tunnels and into Oakland/Emeryville. Lunch will be in Freeport along the Sacramento river. We will making plenty of stops for scenic points and historic points. Dinner loca
  4. Here's my vote for Gary (WoodlandVic) for the gig. Guy deserves a trip back east for all that he has done for many VMC members.
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