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  1. My favorite roads out there were the Old Spiral Highway, did that 3 times and the road from Lewiston to Joseph Oregon had some fun turns and twists. Don't forget to stop at Stein Distillery and get a bottle of Rye. Good stuff.
  2. Jon, Can you do something that looks like this for my Cross Country? The cool thing about these is that while the exhaust shows the triple outlet, the exhaust actualyl exits the bottom. I'd actually want these in black though and have them stick out 3-4" beyond the bag.
  3. well if the auction is cool enough at Lewiston I'm sure many of us wouldn't have a problem driving to Sturgis to pickup the goods.
  4. look good but need them in black.
  5. here's some hints, It's a dodge ram pickup The owner lives in Michigan He's loved and adored and many :ltr I can't be 100% sure it's the same person but I did see someone with that setup at the National Rally. Actually sat at the dinner table with him both nights. I did not ride with him though. They tend to drink a little more and sleep in while I'm an early riser
  6. I know what kind of oil he uses. He's also shorter than I remember. :har
  7. I'm a sitting board member, I was there but I can't say how many others attended. The United States is a pretty big area, the weather may have also scared a few away at the last moment. I'm sure a lot of the board members would have liked to have attended, the reality is life often gets in the way. Even though I was on vacation, I still ended up with a surprise customer visit last minute. While I agree it would be nice to have had a large board turnout, you also need to realize that these are volunteer positions. Just because someone is a board member it doesnt mean they have the vacation time and/or financial means to attend the rally. We don't even get free membership during our terms. Not that $8 a year is a big deal it it would be a nice gesture. I don't remember seeing a table set aside for board members to sit at anyhow. I don't honestly know if any other ones were there. But like many people I'm sure they would've liked to have attended if they could have.
  8. I agree as well. I was especially impressed with Greeson's putting out the red carpet for us. Had a good time, got rained on a bit and was lucky enough to get a flat tire near Queen Wilhelmina but thankfully a local independent shop was only 6 miles away and had a D250 in stock. Left this morning and now 30 minutes west of Atlanta. You can tell a lot of planning went into this event and hopefully they realize how much we appreciate it.
  9. They look great in the picture. I can't wait to put them on, as well as hopefully the muffler shields. Just make sure you don't sell them to someone else at the national meet! :nono :ltr I'll see you either Thursday night or Friday afternoon. I may have to visit a customer in Hot Springs on Friday(that's still playing out).
  10. Wow Jon you never cease to amaze me with your customer service. Anyone that doesn't have you on their 'A' list for purchases is makinga big deal mistake.! For those reading this these days arrived at the proverbial 23rd hour. Jon still took the time to do these up :y:
  11. found it already and shipped but thanks Frank.
  12. I cant find a ship to address on your website. I'm going to try and get them out tonight.
  13. not so much the site but the people can be fantastic. There's vendors, then there's good vendors, and then the occasional outstanding vendor that you wish you had more money to spend with them to help support them.
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