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  1. Many years ago Lt Dann and Keith led a group of us under this Ramada while sought shelter from the rain Back in somewhat Familia territory
  2. Dear Rose: I can only imagine how happy you must be that this will soon be an historic event Despite viruses, a defunct brand, declining interest, and wholotta BS (they moved the trailer parking?) there will be a national out west Since I moved to Prescott I'm no longer a member of Sin City, but you guys have done great and I know that some very valuable memories will be forged Break a motherfuckin leg!
  3. Our hosts, thanks Coopers and Palmer Divide for a great event
  4. and now I see that Paul has offered to lead leg 6. The best thing now would be for Nate and Paul to hook up and discuss the routes, decide where to stay in the Denver area (hotel, dinner, baton pass, Leg 6 meetup). my advice would be to use the same hotel and restaurant we used last year if you guys decide to meet in Castle Rock, but its up to you
  5. I've always thought that leg caps were responsible for determining the destination hotel but ... in this case we have been using the Bear Valley in in Craig for several years, and unless they've changed ownership I would recommend using them again, so its good to get them locked in now. The BVI folks always throw us a great BBQ and offer us low room rates, plus they're good peeps. and ... we do not have a Leg 6 cap yet; once we find someone to lead Leg 6 Cap then Nate and the Leg 6 Cap can coordinate where to meet and stay and pass the baton in the Denver area so ... all good for now, I think, thanks Nate for stepping up and volunteering
  6. no subtle shots Vohn, when I call people out I call them out just asking questions, please don't take it personal
  7. There have been posts on the VMOG about this event, nothing definitive as we await the final details. The posts about this have generally along the lines of 'Hey, this is something that the VMC does that is very fun' and 'hey, this exists', occassionaly in response to a question about any good cross country relays. In other words, its being discussed there to promote the VMC. The Victory Motorcycle Owners Group was started by members of the VMC, it has nothing to do with VOG. It is not an official VMC FB page, but we use it to promote the Club. The Victory Highway Relay has been discussed in the VMOG FB group (as well as other FB groups) in years past, nothing bad came of that. I may be mistaken, but I think I've ridden with non-members on a leg or two; I'm thinking it was close friends and family of members who joined us.
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