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  1. I've asked both the Wasatch and Palmer Divide folks if anyone from those chapters wants to be captain, if not I'll volunteer. But to get the wheels rolling, in the meantime, here's a tentative plan: We'll start from Craig from Bear Valley Inn 755 E Victory Way, Craig, CO 81625 (970) 824-8101 KSU 8am MST Wednesday 7.1.15 I'd like to change up the route a little from the last couple of times, and go through Meeker and Rangely to Vernal for lunch, then follow the 2013 route through Altamont to Park City. 286 mi which is about 22 miles longer than the shortest direct route, but should be much more scenic. In 2013 we did a very similar route but went on a sidetrip that we'll miss this time, so actually a shorter distance than 2013. In Park City we'll be at the Best Western Landmark Inn in Kimball Jct. More info to follow. Reservations at 800-548-8824 or (435) 649-7300. Address is 6560 North Landmark Drive, Park City, UT. Dinner will be walking distance from the hotel at 7pm. details to follow. I'm still working with the hotel for group info, I'll post soon. Like I said, if anybody from UT or CO wants to be the leg cap just let me know, I'll be happy to step aside and support the locals. I'll be with the group coming over from Craig, and may or may not go on to Ely. I do not intend to make any group plans for the Bear Valley Inn, unless I'm mistaken I think that's for the Leg10 Cap to do, and they may decide to stay at another place (but the Bear Valley Inn has been way cool to the VMC, and has been the traditional stop, so...) ichi
  2. Does anyone from Utah or Colorado want to captain this leg?
  3. Dinner Wednesday night July 1 at Ruby Tuesdays in Kimball Jct, walking distance from the Best Western, 6pm or so
  4. FYI, Leg 11 has chosen the Best Western Landmark Inn in Kimball Jct for our stop on Wednesday night, same place as 2013. More info to follow. Reservations at 800-548-8824 or (435) 649-7300. Address is 6560 North Landmark Drive, Park City, UT.
  5. Quick shout out to the guys at Outlaw Chrome, on a recent order they did exactly what needed to be done and got it right, quick. Went the distance for us, no questions or complaints. Very good to work with, plus their products are excellent. thanks
  6. they did a great job, and the leg caps too Hope you and Tom have a Merry Merry ichi ps come to Laughlin
  7. When I first saw the title of this thread I thought you were going to get all emo and have a breakdown, then I thought maybe you meant you had ridden on some dirt and a saddlebag fell off and your bike was broke. :bart Back on topic we rode about 400 and 3800 round trip last two Nationals we attended. It will be a rare year we get to anything E of the Mississippi.
  8. 2013 National Meet Bike Rodeo Slalom Round 3; After 2 rounds the cones are quite close; the first half is pretty funny as the riders try to figure out the deal; the second half has some very good riders demonstrating how to Victory; great crowd support. QNZPgbLRG_g thanks to the organizers and grats to the participants ichi
  9. Some excellent passes in the first round, some good crowd support too. lATNGAqusBQ thanks to Peschka and the other organizers, grats to the participants ichi
  10. Random footage of the entries and crowd at the 2013 VMC National Meet Bike Show; fairly dull stuff but I'm posting it for those who either couldn't make it to Lewiston or those who did make and can't wait to see video of themselves milling around a bunch of cool bikes 1n9Uc3u-_Bk thanks to the organizers and grats to the participants ichi
  11. 2013 VMC National Meet Bike Rodeo, Balls and Cones event in Lewiston, ID. Some crowd shots and most of the passes. Shot by Candace (AKA mrs ichi), there's some nice nuggets if you watch it through. lAR-N7uMl9g Thanks to the event organizers and participants, grats to the winners! ichi
  12. Thank you Dann, your help before the relay was invaluable, and you done good leading the leg I was able to join you on. Look forward to the next time! ichi
  13. and part 2, Vernal to Park City and the dinner there rGiCd_ZVUwc the next morning I peeled off and headed home to get pipes on the KP and then over to Prescott to attend the memorial for the Granite Mountain Hotshots more video to come when I get back from Lewiston! ichi
  14. Part 1 Craig CO to Dinosaur to Vernal KdZbCtdWkhc ichi
  15. Part 4, Bear Valley Inn BarBQ and baton pass This place was very friendly to VMC and treated us right U8KmynEmWqQ ichi
  16. Part 3, Grand Lake to Craig TJBiBhDfLXE ichi
  17. More from the Castle Rock to Craig leg, this is on the way to Grand Lake for lunch. _gf4P_VErZ0 ichi
  18. Castle Rock Meetup and first canyon at the back of a big group. This was a very well organized leg; lots of riders and major traffic but no issues due to a strong leader/sweeper combo 3kueHNvyRJY ichi
  19. Part 2, the Colorado portion and dinner in Castle Rock sXHGj0Axm9U ichi
  20. Wilson KS to Castle Rock CO; portions in Kansas were sped up to make them go by faster B-895sb682E part 2 is the Colorado portion of the leg and the dinner in Castle Rock ichi
  21. The so-called 'crippled Kansas' leg. Check out part 2 also. DzzCe6WVNFM ichi
  22. Check out part 1 also, more to come 6rkEUj3w2c8 ichi
  23. Thanks to Tom and the folks in KC for a nice dinner uGe6inA0RB4
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