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  1. Payed by Pay Pal although your directions sucked also have a room or so says George, he didn't say where so I hope it is in the state and not the pool.
  2. Well I will never know for sure what the issue with the tires were unless I get them back and have a chance to inspect them. If I get the tires back, it probably means I have gotten the trailer back, and with the trailer back, perhaps the motorcycle along with it. I go for that a return of all items....
  3. Yeah, I won't beat myself to bad about the tires as I passed at lease four others with similar problems in that short thirty mile trip into Tucson. Had also seen three Semi's blow what I'll guess were retreads during the trip and that about equals the number I have seen ever before. It was a tough week on tires.
  4. I'll add a couple items here. As for the trailer tires they did indeed look almost new and appeared in great shape. Question asked me that I didn't have an answer for was how old were they. What ever the case it seems they didn't handle 100+ degree heat well at all. Lost the first tire in Pacific MO where the temp was 107 and the second on after coming through Phoenix at 110, so from my point of view it was just the heat at fault as to what happened to the tires. Something mentioned that makes me feel a little stupid is that I have a hitch lock, something to put on the trailer when it isn't attached to the truck but think of it with my other trailer and just didn't think to bring it... stupid..stupid...stupid The Pinal County Sheriff deputy I spoke with on Monday said he had seen the trailer sitting where I had left it when he was on his way home after getting off work Sunday and around 5:30 and I arrived back at the scene at about 7:00 so it wasn't a large window in time for it to be found and taken, but obviously large enough.
  5. Both deserve special thanks for the parts that they have played, both did a fantastic job, the only way to improve is to have even more people taking part... THANK YOU ! ! Linsa THANK YOU ! ! Mike a pleasure and honor to meet you both.
  6. Thanks to all, with special thanks to Mike [dirtybubble] John [DecTec] Bruce [ Broe] and Dan [Lieutenant Dann]. My biggest worry about this whole trip was the ride west which was done solo, as I knew the VMC would watch out for me the rest of the time and I was certainly not let down. There is no way I can express just how much I owe all of you......THANKS and THANKS again
  7. Surgery was to put a broken foot back together. Best guess is that whmy ile I took a mirror off the Van with shoulder, my foot got caught between my running board and the Van's bumper. If you draw a line across your foot about an inch behind the joint where your toes begin, that is the location of the break. I seem to be doing very well and to my surprise feel little pain. A friend of mine who is a ER nurse assures me my lack of pain will be fullfilled in about six weeks when the nerves grow back and once agaiin do their job. [Ah, things to look forward to (-:] The Yellow Vegas I saw the other day is known to people so who ever that belongs to is someone who has someone else to visit here. Another person I met that was visiting his father here was telling me about his Jackpot. So here in the middle of Harley land Victory has a foot hold :tu
  8. Well I am wondering if I missed a visitor yesterday [sunday, July 11] as I was surprised to look out side my window and see a bright Yellow Vegas in the parking lot. If nothing else it was nice to let my mind drift to looking at someone's Victory and not at my foot :tu a little something to make me look forward to that time when I can jump on and do a little more riding myself. Never did see the owner/rider of the bike but just seeing it out there was a joyful thing and allowed me to grab a couple of the nurses who work here and point out to them >>> that's a VICTORY <<< and not a HD. :yho :chpr
  9. The V2V was a great and wonderful ride to be on, you just meet an endless list of wonderful people. Don't know that I would suggest that someone try to do the whole ride unless they are in pretty good shape and have had some experience in multiply day long ride. I DIDN'T ! ! The ride out to Park City Utah to meet the group headed east was it self the longest ride had ever done. To turn around and do another 11 legs was to much for me and I should have known it. To all others I would suggest to get out there and do a leg or two. Change direction or add a leg another year. That makes it more affordable and not so many days invested either. Even those who ride a lot in their home area are sure to find even more roads to ride that are enjoyable to ride. To all those wishing me well and a quick recovery THANK YOU!!!! The number of great and wonderful people who are part of this club just cannot be counted but can certainly can be counted on to do anything and everything that they can to offer a helping hand. The best reason I can think of to say get out there and take part in events and meet them in person, they are a wonderful thing..........
  10. WHAT HAPPENED TO grdog ? ? ? He screwed up.Leaned and turned for the right hander and then adjusted to make it a tighter turn. For what ever reason I drifted left to the middle of the on coming lane and was looking at the middle of the grill of a oncoming van.. That certainly wasn't where I wanted to be so figured it was time for drastic action. Having already tried to make a tighter right I decided to try going around the other way.A bad choice at best as it pretty much guarentees a crash but not one as bad as going in head on. Thought I had actually made it and then found my self doing a head first slide across someone's front yard. Leg thirteen, fourteen days on the bike, road something like 4500, I really should have stopped after after leg 10 or 11, was tired and started each additional leg that way. A moment of less than 100% paying attention and you can get hurt. Easy for me to have been hurt much more than I was so I have had a huge amount of luck on my side and hope it stays there.
  11. Change, always Change....Maybell CO ? nope was Craig CO, Victory Hotel didn't have a part in this year but we did make it from Craig CO to Castle Rock and all in one piece. Thursday evening had a number of us enjoying a meal together at the OP Lounge, easy walkung distance from the Bear Valley Resort where we stayed in Craig CO.
  12. Okay, last year I rode along for the St. Louis to Terra Haute and Terra Haute to Hebron legs and they were legs 9+10. Reverse the direction and they become leggs 5+6. Leg 5 being Hebron to Terra Haute, which by my count should take place June 25th.... LEG;--1/14---2/13---3/12--4/11--5/10---6/9---7/8-----8/7----9/6---10/5---11/4---12/3---13/2---14/1 DATE; 6/21---6/22--6/23--6/24--6/25---6/26--6/27---6/28---6/29--6/30---7/1----7/2-----7/3----7/4
  13. jbasile, you provided more than I would have ever asked for. As said to you all that i have met from the VMC have been the greatest and you continued that tradition with such ease, Thanks and thanks again, the bike is now parked in the garage and some how that blue hole in the sky continued to follow me until Customs in Detroit. If I didn't have to wait an hour and a half to re-enter the US I'd have been home dry...(-:
  14. Your friends crossing over at Detroit, where are they headed to? Asking because they're doing a lot of construction around the bridge in Detroit making it even more of a pia than normal. If these are the same that came from IL they might want to go a little farther north and cross at Sarnia/Port Huron Blue Water bridge.
  15. Well thanks for the offers of food a place to stay and a clean bike but I'll settle for the Camaraderie and someone to ride along for part of the way. That's the valuable parts and I'd be a fool to turn any of that down at any time. THANKS look forward to riding along with you...
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