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  1. Paid reservations and looking forward to seeing everyone.
  2. Wont be making this leg. Family business in D.C. calls. Have a good ride.
  3. I'll see everyone in KC Sunday and am looking forward to Toms great wings. See yall then. :y:
  4. Me and the wife and Jimmy D. and his wife will be there Friday night and Saturday night.
  5. Dale Walksler used to own Dales HD in St. Louis and I believe he sold out to Surdykes. Anyway I went there in the spring and he has an amazing collection. He also has one of the largest collection of 45 inch Harleys I've ever seen and his Crocker is in A1 condition. Worth the visit.:y: :y:
  6. Can I guess, you, Daffy, and Kozy? I've only been to the Eureka Springs meet but will be in NC this labor day.
  7. Rick, some of the best rides I've ever been on made a wrong turn or two. :)
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