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  1. I 75 sucks. Watch your 6......and you 3 and 9. Ride safe. What is happening in Detroit?
  2. never been there so I can't help. Looking forward to going tho
  3. I talked to Tommy last night. He is really pumped. The police did not give him any info just the ride-able comment. He actually got two phone calls...the first from the City of Tucson PD and then the Sherrif's Department. They gave him a case number. When he gets the police report, he said he would share the info.
  4. All I know at this point is that the bike is "ride-able". I think that the sherrif's department would have called me regarding the trailer since I own the trailer and Tom now owns the bike. They have not contacted me but I have not been home today, nor have I check the answering machine in like 6 months. I will or I will have Tom chime in when we know more details. Who woulda thunk?
  5. Tom just posted in the Michigan forum that the sherriff's department has recovered his motorcycle.
  6. Yeah, normally Tommy wouldhave been riding it but since his crash last on V2V ( he rode from Michigan west to Utah to meet the group and then crashed in PA) he has been recovering slowly and can only ride shorter distances right now. But he was enojoying being back on two wheels, Sucks hard for him.
  7. Good advice...Talked to a deputy sherriff yesterday, since I had to file the report on the trailer,. He didn't mention anything about a contract company to me. I don't know if he did to Tommy. I'll have to check. ChiMP has another theory. She said maybe the thiefs carry a trailer spare around with them and drive around looking for an opportunity like this. See a trailer with a flat...with a compressor, and a spare you could change a trailer tire in a minute and be down the road.
  8. Additional info. The trailer is a 1999 17' Haulmark with Michigan License plate B219085. It has a Florida ABATE "Watch out for motorcycles" bumper sticker on the back door.
  9. Yep, Tommy Verrill (GrDog) borrowed my trailer to go to the meet. In it was the bike that I sold to him last year. Well he had a flat, the second one of the trip so the spare was already on the trailer. He pulled off the highway, dropped the trailer and went for a new spare and when he returned the trailer and "Blue" was gone. He is in Tucson, AZ, 30 miles from his destination. Below is a picture of the bike and of the trailer (if I can find one). Any help from the guys down there would be appreciated. I can be reached at my office six 1 six5270700 or my cell six 1 six9020700. and I will get any info to Tommy. This is a one of a kind custom painted 2006 kingpin white with blue flames.
  10. I call it! I get Tracey if this dumbass kills himself.
  11. What the fuck do you know about filters? I have heard Tracey declare in front of a bunch of people that you have no filters.
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